Wednesday, August 16, 2006

59th Independance Day Celebration

It didn’t came as a surprise when this sleepy little town Ziro came to life this Independence Day, considering the fact that this town doesn’t have any place to hang around – be it amusement park, shopping malls, multiplexes, theatres etc., and unwind oneself. In order to unwind oneself, people longed for any kind of festivities, sports events etc., that’s why the "Annual Dree Football Tournament" is a huge draw, where almost entire population of twin township of Ziro and Hapoli gather at the lone Stadium (Subansiri Stadium) to enjoy the game and unwind themselves.

Unlike preceding years, where participation of students and general public in the celebration of Independence Day or Republic Day used to be very lukewarm, this year, participation was quite large.

People of all walks of life, ladies children, young and old alike thronged the General Ground (venue of Independence Day Celebration) to take part in the celebration and to enjoy the programmes and exhibition stalls set up by various State Government Departments (DOTS, Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Textile and Handicrafts, PHE etc.), Cooperative Societies and PSU (NHPC Ltd.).

Students presented very colourful cultural programme themed around the Independence. Both the police forces and students from various school of this plateau took part in the Parade.

Highlight of the day was the exhibition stalls set up by various Government and Non-Government Departments. This time, majority of stall had models (working and non-working) to showcase their activities. Besides, Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Textile and Handicrafts Department also had exhibits for sale and people queued to buy their products.

The vendors and hawkers, which had set up their stall all along the General Ground /Subansiri Stadium had a field day considering the huge turn out of the population for the Celebration.

At the end of day, people left the ground/stadium fully satisfied and relaxed; and headed to restaurants located at Hapoli township to energize themselves before finally heading for their homes.

Some of the photos of Independence Celebration at Ziro captured with Canon PowerShot A530 Digital Camera are shown below:

Ladies and Children enjoying the Cultural Programme

Parade by Students and Police Forces.

Selling their products.

Students from Padi Lailyang Memorial School preparing "Rang de Basanti".

Cultural programmes by different schools of this plateau.

Showing the exhibit for sale.

Various Exhibition Stalls set up by State Government Departments, Co-operative Societies and PSU's.

"Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara"

View of Market Area

P.S. : Even after trying hard for nearly an hour to arrange the photos in order, I could not arrange the photos. As such, it were left as it is and some may find this arrangement bit ridiculous.


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