Friday, August 25, 2006

Should the entire population be held to ransom.......

Why is it that whenever certain demand of certain group of people has to be met, the entire population of the state is held to ransom. Shouldn't the State Government come forward and intervene? Or should it be a mere onlooker doing nothing to resolve the problem and let those group continue to take the mass to ransom?

Yes, I'm referring to the situation that has arisen due to the "Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Raffle Lottery Draw" which has given us two groups viz., DPVBRPWC (Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Raffle Prize Winners' Committee) and AAPDPVBRTHC (All Arunachal Pradesh Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Raffle Ticket Holder Committee) and two Bandhs so far (one effective at Capital Complex on 21-08-2006 and other Statewide on 25-08-2006 and 26-08-2006) and God knows how many more in a days to come.

What started with good intention of modernising a premier institution and its sister concern has taken ugly turn leading to the situation where entire population is taken to ransom, just because of lack of transparency of Organising Committee of the draw which was to be conducted in aid of modernisation of this premier institution. (Guess, some ticket holders might have bought ticket just to contribute to the institution).

After going through all the reports in news papers, there seems something fishy in drawal of lottery by the Committee of this Raffle Draw (which volunteered to conduct this Draw) on 15th of August at 8.30 am at Energy Park instead of Indira Gandhi Park at 2.30 pm, though they had claimed that the Draw was fair and free and drawn in front of first class magistrate and the entire proceedings was videographed ("Raffle draw was free and fair: DPVBRDC"- The Arunachal Times dated August 17th).

The questioin that comes to one's mind is - why it was drawn before the scheduled time and at different venue without prior intimation to the ticket holders? (Ticket holders kept waiting for the draw at 2.30 pm) Hadn't the Committee taken prior approval of the venue, date and time? Was security the real reason for changing the venue and time or there was any personal interest of the Committee? (People are saying that prizes went to the kith and kins of the Committee Members). Had there been real security reason shouldn't the Committee rescheduled the venue, date and time and intimated accordingly in the larger interest of Ticket Holders and drawn the lottery in front of them?

Though, I do whole heartedly support and sympathise with the cause (One shouldn't be taken for a ride) but I do not endorse the way the group has resorted to; to bring the cause to justice. Should any group held the entire population to ransom to fulfill their demand? (The All Arunachal Bandh Call given by AAPDPVBRTHC on 25 & 26th August affected the normal life of Ziro Hapoli Township- photo of Hapoli Township on Bandh Day at left). Is giving Bandh call the solution? Does this not hamper the economy of the State? Are not there any other alternative to raise their voice? Shouldn't they care about the daily wage earners (like local womenfolks who earn their livelihood by selling vegetables in the market) and student community alike, if not, the entire population? Shouldn't they had filed PIL instead of calling Bandh and disturbing the normal life? Or shouldn't they had called upon the government to intervene?

Seeing the support it has garnered from different unions and sections of society it seems long that this protest will end soon. So, the Government should stop being mere onlooker and come forward to resolve this problem in the greater interest of its population and the state.

Though this situation has led to population being held to ransom, but it has shown a different phenomenon in the state - i.e., of raising the voice against injustice meted out to the public which was quite rare earlier. Does this means that people has become aware and won't let anyone play with their money and for that matter with the Government money? Or is it just that some people are creating this situation for their personal or political gain? ............. Only time will tell.


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