Thursday, September 21, 2006

Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Raffle Lottery Draw - Part 2

Last evening I was watching news programme on a Local Channel when all of a sudden sky fell upon me. Just when I thought that the entire controversy of this Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Raffle Lottery Draw has died down, the Secretary of AAPDPVBRDTHC announced in the channel, of another agitation (read Bandh Call) if outcome of the "One Man Enquiry Committee" is not favourable.

Now, assuming that all the prizes have been disbursed (as was published in local daily) would the AAPDPVBRDTHC get favourable outcome (which I presume that earlier results be dismissed and fresh draw be conducted) from "One Man Enquiry"? or should we be prepared for another round of Bandh Calls? Let's wait and watch till the enquiry report is filed......


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