Thursday, September 28, 2006

Virtual Street Lighting?

Where on earth would you find virtual street lighting as a result of peoples' endeavour; but of course at Ziro (Hapoli) Township. (Photo at right)

Thanks to the business fraternity of this small twin town which lit up the streets of Hapoli township which otherwise would remain pitch black making it safe haven for anti social elements.

It all started with "Hapoli Bazaar Committee" deciding to put up one light points in every shops/ business establishments in and around Ziro-Hapoli Township in wake of series of burglaries at business establishments/shops quite sometiome ago and failure of law enforcing agencies to check the burglary even after presence of police beat post at the centre of Gandhi Market (incidentally the burglaries took place right under their nose) and failure of administration to check law and order and concerned department to provide street lighting in and around this township.

Now it is to be seen how much has the administration learned from this public endeavour of providing virtual street lighting at Hapoli Township and how much the administration is ready to make this place a safe place to live in.


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