Thursday, October 12, 2006

Google Earth to the rescue of Raigad farmers

With technology so advanced, can government cheat its people? No...

That's what I found out. The farmers from 45 villages of Raigad District putting up common front against acquisition of land by the government after they found out using Google Earth that their land is fertile, unlike as claimed by the authority. Find the story here.

Guess, the authority undermined the prowess of technology.

Another example of childish approach of the authority and not understanding the prowess of technology is the apprehension of authorities in making some maps public and branding those maps "classified". When asked about the map of Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) by a French Journalist Claude Arpi, the local authority was unable to produce it, as the map was classified and only Army had access to that map. (10 things I hate about India).

With lotsa sattellite images thrown across the net and with access to Google Earth, isn't it foolish on part of the government to think that the map of Tawang cannot be accessed?


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