Saturday, October 28, 2006


I'm quite awed by the unexplained power cuts that has been resorted to by Ziro Electrical Division in these past few weeks. Initially, I thought, may be line fault was the reason behind the power cuts. But, when it (power cuts) went on for more than weeks and at specified time (from 8 o'clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the evening and again from 9 o'clock at night till 5 o'clock in the morning) I wondered, line fault may not be the exact reason. So, I enquired the enquiry section of Ziro Electrical Division - all I could learn from them was that it was due to load shedding. So, I checked local channel for any notice regarding load shedding and asked my friends if they knew anything about the Load Shedding Schedule. All of those whom I enquired had no knowledge about the load shedding schedule but one interesting fact that I came across in the local channel was that presently disconnection drive was going on. But, disconnection drive is no excuse for such power cuts. Is it?

From whatever understanding I have got about electricity, outage of electricity occurs because of the following factors: -

  1. Line fault
  2. Maintenance of Transmission or Distribution Lines
  3. Load Shedding
  4. Grid failure etc.,

Here in the case of present outages, there is no case of line fault or maintenance of line or of grid failure. The option that is left out, is the Disconnection Drive and Load Shedding.

In the former case, as mentioned earlier, it shouldn't be the excuse to cut-off the power of entire township but even if they resorted to this shutdown, is it really necessary to cut- off the power of entire township during the day to disconnect few illegal lines and line of revenue defaulters and that too in a particular sector? Shouldn't sector-wise disconnection drive be planned and intimated to the consumers' by the electricity department about the power-cut of particular sector in a particular day and in a particular time? What about the revenue losses that has been incurred by business establishments and other establishments owing to this unplanned power cuts? And who will pay for their losses? Is Power Department ready to compensate for their losses? I don't think so?

In the latter case, I'm still puzzled as to why the load shedding is resorted to during the off-peak hours? Doesn't the load shedding resorted to when the load demand is higher than that of load supplied? If yes, then I wonder if load shedding is the main reason behind these power cuts, as you get power during the peak hours.

Now even if, load shedding is the main reason for resorting to power cuts, shouldn't the electricity department informed the consumers about the load shedding schedule (electricity being essential service)?

This unexplained and illogical power cuts by Power Department during these past few weeks has just left me perplexed. If anyone has the answers, do let me know through their comments.

P.S. : - Did someone said - it is their gimmick to divert consumers' attention from the recent hike in electricity charges?


  • itya

    maybe it has somethng to do with the new E Engg. power. Well not sure cos during my stay there for two months last winter power supply was too good to be true.

    And also saw the power being wasted during night hours in front of shops as a result of some intuitive ideas of Commisioner. ????

  • AG

    yeah, I would say it's gross mismanagement on the part of Power Department

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