Friday, October 20, 2006

Where has "Chai Wala" gone....?

One fine day I found this young local gentleman, carrying a can and disposable cups, going around the market selling tea (which is very rare in case of local youth here at Ziro-Hapoli). I was told that this young gentleman was having Masters Degree and he was selling tea to get rid of his unemployment. I was truly impressed by his endeavour and for setting example to those unemployed youth who just don’t seem to take up job below their qualifications and doesn’t seem to know how to set up their own business.

I was so impressed that the very next day I thought if I come across him, I would buy a cup of tea from him. But that day I didn’t come across him. I waited the next day also and the day after the next day, but he was nowhere to be found. So, I asked my friends at market- “Where has Chai Wala gone? Have you seen him?” I only got a negative reply. No one had seen him after that day.

Then yesterday, to kill my time I was just surfing the channels when all of a sudden I came across a face in local channel. I said – “Hey! I have seen this fellow”. Yes, he's the same “Chai Wala”. But, what on earth is he doing on a TV Channel. Later, after watching the show I came to know that he was selling tea that day for the camera. And that he is an editor of one local weekly. He did all that to show the unemployed youth that white collar jobs are not the only job that can earn you bread and butter but you can earn your livelihood even in a very low profile job (as selling tea is being said) if you put aside your shame. He said by that endeavour on that day he was able to earn around Rs. 300.00/- with an investment of around Rs. 50.00/- for sugar and tea leaves, which totals to monthly income of Rs. 9000.00/-.

Though, I sincerely appreciate his sincere effort but I wonder if it would send right message to the unemployed youths.

If he wanted to set example, shouldn’t he continued for some more days and that too in the absence of camera? In the absence of camera, would the earning equal that days earning? Incidentally, I too, tried to earn my pocket money during my school days-school break by setting up a makeshift road side stall to sell betel nuts and leaves and I could hardly earn 8 bucks a day. Had a camera put up in front of my stall I guess I would have earned say about 100 bucks. ;-) Wouldn’t people think that his effort is a publicity gimmick?

Anyways, I hope his effort sends right message to the unemployed youths and motivates them to become a good entrepreneur and be self employed.



    Good post.
    We, the people of Arunachal, do think of the self respect. Thus, taking no resposibility to take the work which is below our qualification. Though I may be commenting on others I think we must realise this bitter truth. It is not that our self-esteem will go down by doing lower works than our qualification.
    We must get accustomed to the need of the time rather thinking much about the self respect which is really hardly there.

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