Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aahh!... finally a site of our own - how I longed for it.

Well, I almost gave up searching for the sites designed and maintained by our own people (here I'm excluding the Government sites, which are being hosted, designed and maintained by National Informatics Center (NIC) people) - be it relevant or irrelevant, well designed or not- but a site of and by our own people; whenever I get chance to log onto the net (the net connectivity being very poor at this part of the country), until I came across this site today.

I won't say that is a very cool site as being in a very nascent stage, lots has to be done (most of the pages are under construction) but I would definitely say that this is a very humble effort by NES (Nyishi Elite Society) based at Nyirobjolli (is it Nirjuli?- as we know) to showcase their rich tradition, culture, history etc., to the entire world through this site.

This site would be helpful for those who wants to know about the tradition, culture, rituals, history etc., of Nyishi Community of Arunachal Pradesh.

" - A Home for the Nyishi's on the Net" being the tagline of the site, it should have incorporated Chat Room so that Nyishi Community across the globe may hang around to share their views. Also, a mailbox/e-mail account would have been an added attraction.

Overall, I would recommend this site if you are interested to know more about Nyishi Community.

P.S.: If anyone knows about sites of other communities of Arunachal Pradesh do let me know.


  • tagh

    look up www.

    It is a Galo clans site.

  • AG


  • vijay sonam

    Thank u for all the good comments on Couple of years ago, i with the help of one frnd manage to upload the site. Since then unable to maintain it. i shall be grateful if you kindly extend help in making necessary changes that u have suggested. U can reach me anytime at or call at 9436041860.
    yes, Nyirubjolli is the original nomenclature of Nirjuli.
    Arunachal Diary is too good and very informative. keep it up and wish u success.

  • AG

    Thanks Vijay for dropping by and pouring in good words about Arunachal Diary.

    Would really love to help you make necessary changes in and would let you know soon.

    Thanks once again and do keep visiting.

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