Thursday, November 9, 2006

A step towards reformation - II

In a step towards normalising the expenditure and to arrive at uniform rates for solemnising marriages in Apatani society, villages comprising Dutta, Bamin-Michi, Tadu and Mudang-Tage, commonly referred as Diibo, formed a Committee called "Diibo Welfare Committee" (DWC) on Nov 4, in line with Hari Village Welfare Committee to fix the expenses on marriage ceremony and fixed the expenses for solemnising marriage of the people of these villages.

Besides, fixing the expenses for solemnising marriage, the Comittee brought together the football clubs of Duta, Mudang Tage and Bamin Michi Villages (viz., Renaissance Club of Dutta, Dilang Pangu of Mudang Tage and Pamu Yalang of Bamin Michi), under common umbrella of "DWC " and they will be competing in the oncoming "Dree Football Tournament 2007" under the banner of "DWC Club".

The intitiative taken by Hari Village Welfare Committee has paved the way for other villages to follow suit towards reformation in performance of rituals and going by the approach of people and their will to bring down the expenditure, it won't be long when all the villages will be having normalised rates of exenditure for solemnising the marriage. However, owing to variations in solemnising of marriage in different villages, the rates may be normalised but not uniform.

So, it has to be seen if all the villages of this plateau will be able to brush aside their differences and arrive at a consensus for having uniform rates of expenditure for solemnising the marriage after the expenditure has been normalised.


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