Saturday, November 4, 2006

Arunachalee ........ going global

Of late, the people of Arunachal, hitherto known for its varied ethnicity and anthropological interests, are making waves in the field of arts and literature and making its presence felt globally.

Take for example Yeshee Dorjee Thongchi, a Sahitya Academy Awardee writer and a bureaucrat whose literary work has been converted into a full length feature film which will be showcased during the forthcoming International Film Festival at Goa and whose other literary work "Sau kata Manush" is being shown interest by Hollywood Production Houses (if we go by the press releases).

Or consider the case of Hage D. Appa and the other casts of 'Sonam' who didn't had any formal training in acting but now will be competing with other stalwarts of national and international cinema for coveted title at the International Film Festival at Goa.

Or the case of Moji Riba, a documentary film maker from the state, whose work is acclaimed internationally.

And now, former civil servant, journalist-peot-writer, Ms. Mamang Dai, has recently been to 'Frankfurt Book Fair' as an Indian delegate to read her poem. Her latest work 'Legends of Pensam' published by Penguin Books India is getting good reviews.

These people has brought the people of this state into global scenery and showed the world that the people of this state is not just an anthropological specimen.

Quite indeed, Arunachlees ....... are going global.


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