Friday, November 24, 2006

Crusade against Power Cuts

“Has some VVIP visited Ziro last night?” was what the people of Hapoli-Ziro township trying to find out the other day, when all of a sudden, the night before the last night, Power Department thought (I dunno why and how?) of giving supply to the township at around 10.30 at night when everyone was in deep slumber (now-a-days people has made it their habit to sleep early as it is the best thing to fight the darkness) interrupting their sound sleep.

I couldn't find out the logic and use behind providing electricity at this odd hour by Power Department. Is it that they couldn't come up with realistic drawal schedule and are trying to compensate for the surplus MW of energy that has been requisitioned from Central Sector to avoid penalty in the ABT regime? Only Power Department knows.

P.S.: - I would be following and writing about the power cuts under Crusade against Power Cuts till restoration of uninterrupted power at Ziro

update: - The students community took out procession demanding Power Supply be restored by 5.00 in the evening and threatened that they would call Bandh Call tomorrow if their demand is not met. Guess, the non-supply of power has shaken the student community and it is to be seen if this would have any impact on the Power Department.


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