Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today’s 21st, but there is still no sign of electricity at this sleepy township of Hapoli-Ziro, though the normal power supply was promised on 18th and its dark, dark, dark everywhere. There is also no sign of public disgruntlement or commotion over the non-supply of electricity by the utility department for such a prolonged time, which is a rare sight if it were to happen some years back (earlier people-largely the student community won’t let the staff of utility department rest in peace when there was power failure for such prolonged time). I’m puzzled as to why the public/consumer is not complaining. Is it that the electrical appliances has been put to more meaningful use – like fridges (fridge at Ziro?) as cupboards, ovens as drawers etc., leaving little room for complaints and only praise for power department for letting loose their creativity? You never know.

I don't know this power cut has had any effect on the people but surely it did affected my blogging :-(


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