Monday, November 27, 2006

Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Raffle Lottery Draw - Final Chapter

Umm… some sort of understanding (may be mutually beneficial to both parties) between the secretaries of AAPDPVBRDTHCand the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has been arrived at. The entire DPVBRD imbroglio has come to an end on 26th instant with Governments decision to put a blanket ban on all 1-time lottery draw including “Housie” within one month. The Arunachal Times reports: -

“The deadlock between the Government and All Arunachal Pradesh Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan Lottery Ticket Holders’ Committee finally came to an end today with the state Govt’s decision to put a blanket ban on time lottery draw including housie throughout the state through a cabinet decision within one month and withdraw all the pending cases against AAPDPVBRDTHC members unconditionally.”

I wonder if the entire Bandh Calls subsequently taking the entire population to ransom was just a gimmick to pressurize Government to negotiate for the benefit of Committee Member’s of AAPDPVBRDTHC? Or was it really in the interest of the Ticket Holders?


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