Friday, November 17, 2006

Law Enforcers or Law Breakers

It was 7 in the evening and Hapoli Township was pitch black (thanks to the ongoing power cuts), 3 gentlemen had gone for a walk to pass the time and were busy talking about their daily chores. When they reached the traffic cross-section, they thought they had gone too far and decided to turn back. Still deeply engrossed in their conversation, they turned back, when all of a sudden they heard a voice - " Oye! Yahan aao." (Hey! come here). They were trying to figure out where the voice was coming from when a light fell on their face from a flashlight. Then they realized that it was the voice of a policeman coming from 'Police Beat Post' beneath the ZCCI(Ziro Chambers' of Commerce and Industry) at Gandhi Market. Controlling their anger on rude way of addressing them, they replied politely that they are strolling around. Hearing the reply, the policeman came out of the beat post with stick in his hand (as if to hit) but stopped in between and said, "Tum log us taraf ja rahe the phir kyun mud gaye wahan se?" (You were going that side but why did you turned back?). Puzzled as to what the policeman meant by that, one gentleman said, "Sir, hum evening walk har rahe hain?" "Futo yahan se aur apna life barbaad mat karo" - said the policeman. More confused and more puzzled than ever with the comments of policeman, the 3 gentleman moved to their respective homes thanking God that atleast they were not manhandled by the policeman (most of the time they won't even ask a question and starts manhandling if they come across any youth in the evening after 7 pm).

The same evening or rather the same night, one of my friend had to stay overnight at his friends place as some youths were manhandled by the police (their only crime was that they had gone for a walk) and he didn't wanted to be manhandled too, atleast at this age. But, he was not that lucky the next day when he reached his home. His wife gave him a good thrashing for not returning the previous night.

Hey, did you asked.. why I am writing all this stuff?

Well, that's because I fail to reason why people can't move about in the evening or for that matter even in the night? There was neither curfew that night nor this place is considered as disturbed area as some part of North Eastern States are considered.

Aren't the policeman there to make the place safe for the people to move even at odd hour at night if the need be without bothering for the anti social elements? Is it because of the irritation that when they should be at warmth of their homes they are patrolling at chilly night? But then, isn't patrolling, their duty to make the place safe? Should they blame the youth for that?


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