Friday, November 10, 2006

Power Cuts...

.......for quite sometimes back was resorted during the off peak hours but since these last 3 days there isn't any power for whole day and you are lucky if you get power even for 1/2 hour a day. This has made updating this blog quite difficult.

On being asked about the reason today, all the operator at Hapoli Sub-station could say was that some maintenance work is being caried out at "Rangandi Hydel Power Station" and when asked about the grid, I was told that grid is ok and there is no grid failure. This amazed me since Ziro and Hapoli Township is fed with electricity from the North Eastern Grid and not from Ranganadi Hydel Station only. Does this township entirely depend on Ranganadi Hydel Plant? I would say no. Doesn't the state purchase power from other Central Sectors like NHPC, NEEPCO etc. which has Power Plant at other North Eastern States? Or is it that the Power Department at Ziro is not able to come up with drawal schedule for this twin township?

Also, I've been told that this situation of not getting power for entire day (I'm not considering 1/2 hour availability of power) will remain till 18th of this month. Till then I guess I'll have to play hide & seek with the electricity to be able to update my blog.


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