Monday, November 6, 2006

"Satarkta Jagrukta Saptah"

Sample this pledge that was taken by some Government establishments on the onset of Vigilance Week (6th Nov to 10th Nov)

"We, the public servants of India, do hereby solemnly pledge that we shall continuously strive to bring about integrity and transparency in all spheres of our activities. We also pledge that we shall work unstintingly for eradication of corruption in all spheres of life. We shall remain vigilant and work towards the growth and reputation of our organisation. Through our collective efforts, we shall bring pride to our organisations and provide value based service to our countrymen. We shall do our duty conscientiously and act without fear or favour."

I just wonder how many of the public servants that took the pledge will follow it and how many of them are not corrupt and transparent? Does simply taking pledge during the vigilance week would remove corruption and favoritism from the country? What do you say? I don't think so.


  • Prashant Kr Singh

    A lot of thanks for providing updates on Arunachal and especially on Ziro where I had the most beautiful days( or rather years) of my life. Ohh how I miss this season,I mean Ziro's cold.

    I only hope this good work continues.... my good wishes to you.


  • AG

    Thanks a lot for your wishes and I'm looking forward to more comments
    on my posts.

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