Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where do we belong..India or China? - part 2

It (no serious discussion over boundary issue) had to happen. There was no doubt in it, whatever you may say (Trade being the main agenda of visiting Chinese Prez). I knew that the voice raised by the State Political Parties urging New Delhi to take up the disputed boundary issue with visiting Chinese President and to solve the issue once and for all would go in vain. But then, when has the Centre made sincere effort to solve the boundary dispute? It has been 44 years since the '62’s war and the dispute is alive more than ever and there is no visible headway in settlement of this dispute though after every round of talks, joint statement declares that the talk was successful (?????) and recently it has been claimed in media that India and China have made “active progress” on the issue of resolving the boundary dispute. And yet, there is this Chinese Ambassador Sun Yuxi claiming the entire Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese Territory. Won’t his statement derail the talk on solving the boundary dispute? Or was it timed to gauge the people’s reaction over this issue prior to Hu Jintao’s visit? Or his quote been played up by the TV channel? (Mohan Guruswami)

Whatever may be the motive of the Chinese Ambassador’s claim, the surprising element was the lukewarm response of the Indian Government to this claim. It could have been good opportunity for Indian Government to put forward its clear stand on Arunachal Pradesh during Chinese Prez’s visit, if at all, it feels that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India. This lukewarm response of the Indian Government has left the people of this State perplexed? Are we being used as a bargaining chip by the Indian Government to negotiate with China? (to bargain what?) - is what the local people feel.

Going by the statement of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the eve of last ASEAN Summit- where he said 'populated areas will not be negotiated' and the scope kept open for compromises and resolution of boundary dispute on the basis of give and take, it is felt that most of the part of state Arunachal Pradesh will be the part of final package of boundary settlement with China – considering populated areas of Arunachal Pradesh being very less (most of the areas are forests).

Till this boundary dispute is resolved, God knows when, the people of Arunachal Pradesh will have to live in dilemma whether they will be waking up at India or China?


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