Saturday, November 25, 2006

ZIRO MIRROR in it's New Avatar

I wouldn’t have reviewed the fortnightly magazine Ziro Mirror again, but for its improved avatar which impressed me.

The ongoing power cuts had its toll on bringing out the second issue of the magazine and I’ve been told that it hit the news stand on 17th instead of scheduled 15th of this month. With so many constraints this time also, I would say the editor and publisher has done a good job.

What’s improved in its new Avatar: -

  1. Quality of cover page has significantly improved. It has graduated from normal paper to Glossy paper.
  2. Quantity of page has been increased to 20; means more articles and the editor has assured its readers of increasing the number of pages in subsequent issues.
  3. Printing quality has been improved.

Though the new avatar has its drawback also:

  1. Cover is not differentiable with earlier issue (see the pic). It should have been made distinct from the earlier issue. (It fooled me to think that it’s the earlier issue thereby making me grab it a bit later although it was available at news stand from 17th).
  2. There is still some typographical and editing error. But given the position of electricity in these days, the errors are acceptable.


  • yasiyalow

    Is Ziro Mirror still being published? I have never seen copy of this Magazine.

  • AG

    No Yasiyalow, the publication of Ziro Mirror has been stopped for a while now. Though we are persuading the Editor and the owner of the Fortnightly to revive it, but it seems unlikely for now. Anyways if you want a copy of the earlier issues I may be able to provide you with the same. Do contact me when you come back.

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