Wednesday, November 1, 2006

ZIRO MIRROR is out.......

Finally, the much awaited lone fortnightly published from Ziro has seen the daylight today and is available at news stands.

I've been provided with a copy of the inuagural issue and has been asked to review the same.

As the tagline says
"......where do we stand?" - this magazine is an effort to give an in-depth insight into the sorry state of affairs of the region and to make the readers ponder over these state of affairs. In other words, do we really are aware of the state of affairs that is going on around us?.

In the words of editor -

"The purpose of this magazine is to give an in-depth insight, and to serve as a platform to express what you believe is right and ensure that a wide cross-section of people should be aware of the sorry state of affairs prevailing in the region and contribute what one can afford to make a difference to the society and the state as a whole."

The fortnightly being in its nascent stage, lots has to be done in regards of print quality, contents and cover page quality (which I presume would be taken care of in the subsequent issues) but nevertheless, I would say that this is a humble beginning considering the constraints in publishing a magazine from Ziro and the effort put into it to bring out this issue within deadline inspite of frequent power cuts at Ziro.

For a change from throng of local news served to us, one could dive into this fortnightly for an insight into the state of affairs going around the region.

For subscription to the magazine and advertisement enquiries, write in to
Post Box No.: -39
P.O. Ziro
Arunachal Pradesh - 791 120

or you can email at

The editor can be reached at or


  • itya

    Well i would like to congratulate you for such a nice blogpage...quite informative for students like us who are outside the state and anxious for any news like this....

    And its is wonderful initiative to introduce somethin like ziro mirror. I guess you are part of team behind it.
    Great work pal. Keep it updated. Cheers

  • AG

    Thanks itya....though I'm directly not a part of the team of Ziro Mirror but I do allow Ziro Mirror to include the posts from my blog.

    I would like you people to send me any story/issues that's affecting you in your place of study that you think should be made known at

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