Monday, December 4, 2006

Become a ‘Millionaire’ overnight



(On a second thought) “Are you kidding?”

Of course not, this really is possible in the land of “Khusi Khusi” and that too legally – the only prerequisite being affinity to or acquaintance with some local politician.


All you need to do is identify a Financial Institution owned and managed by State Government and if you fulfill the ‘prerequisite’ (knowing the Branch Manager of that Financial Institution will be an added advantage), just walk up to that Financial Institution and apply for whatever amount as loan against any plot of land or forests area (be it reserved forest) or for that matter even whole of Arunachal State – the fulfillment of ‘prerequisite’ will make the Financial Institution not to verify whether the said plot does really exists or not or if it does exists then whether it suffice as mortgage for the applied loan; your loan is sanctioned and voila you are a ‘Millionaire’ overnight.

“But then, you have to repay your loan amount?”

Hell no. You don’t have to bother about the repayment as no one will pay back and with such a huge amount disbursed as loan to so many persons, the Financial Institution is bound to shutdown one day or the other. The Management and the Government would be too busy pointing fingers at each other for mismanagement of the Financial Institution to ask you for repayment.

Even if they do, then there always is ‘Citizens’ Grievances Forum on that particular Financial Institution’ through which you can accuse the financial institution of shutting down before you are able to repay the loaned amount. And you can sue the Financial Institution for defaming you by flashing your name in the TV Channels and Print Media as defaulter in repayment of loan. (Pretend that) After all, you wanted to repay the loaned amount but for the closure of that Institution.

And for fear of losing the defamation suit, the bankrupt Financial Institution would ask you to keep the amount without repayment in lieu of you withdrawing the ‘Defamation Suit’ as they won’t be able to cough up huge amount as compensation in the eventuality of losing the ‘defamation suit’. And you are a ‘Millionaire’ that too legally without any liabilities to Financial Institutions.

Blame your luck though, becoming a ‘Millionaire’ overnight now would just be a dream, for the lone state owned and managed financial institution, Apex Bank is in shambles. The government and the management of the Bank is pointing fingers at each other for the present condition of the Bank and to make the matter worse, a Citizen’s Grievances Forum on A.P. State Co-operative Apex Bank (CGFAPSCAB) which has been formed recently (most of the members, which I presume are the loan defaulters), is blaming the bank for shutting down making the loan defaulters unable to repay their amount.

The people had to become 'millionaire' and they became one, the bank had to shut down and they did but what about the people-mostly daily wage earner who had entrusted the bank to take custody of their daily earnings?


  • tonmy

    apex bank of arunachal, kitno ko luta hoga.... n that too poor ones,
    the day i saw one of its manager, trying to extract some money on loan issue at abranch in Itanagar, i knew this bank is really goin 2 be fucked up n it is fucked up...what a shame..

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