Friday, December 29, 2006

A very Merry Christmas to you all (though belatedly).

This last week has been quite enlightening and productive for me.

I was asked to attend the 21st Indian Engineering Congress at Guwahati, which was a welcome break from the monotonous and dull life without electricity at this sleepy town of Hapoli. I was almost saturated to the core, but for this Engineering Congress which jostled my saturated mind a bit.

And I said the week has been productive as this trip of mine to Guwahati led me to come out of my forced hiatus, as my PC was fixed by the mobo that I bought from Guwahati. Now, I no longer would depend on my friends PC to update my blog and I guess I would be quite regular in updating my blog from now on. And I do thank you for visiting Arunachal Diary even when I was unable to update my blog owing to breaking down of my PC and the power cuts.

Thanks once again.


  • tonmy

    good job, ur blog is really worth going through, keep updating , we zirothians outside arunachal do miss our place, n we r thankful 2 u for letting us know the happenings around it.. cheers

  • AG

    thx tonmy.

    I sure would try to update my blog at regular intervals and keep u folks abreast of latest happenings in and around ziro and Arunachal.

    Do keep visiting.

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