Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The 'Apatani Protagonist'

This past week had been quite hectic for me keeping me out of regular blogging and making me itch to be back on the net to update my blog.

The week witnessed first disaster of the new year, where around 28 houses at Bulla Village (Reru) were reduced to ashes and another around 27 were dismantled (to prevent spread of fire) in the fire on the Republic Day. No loss to human lives were reported.

Do you remember, I promised in my earlier post to introduce you to 'The Apatani Protagonists'? This past week was quite fruitful in the sense that finally, I was able to coax them to come out in open and here they are.

Hope they would address the issues of Ziro Hapoli in particular and entire Arunachal Pradesh as a whole.


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