Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are the days of Corrupt Officials numbered?

The Arunachal Times reports-

“No lackadaisical attitude, no lame excuse in providing information on matters of public service would provide any escape route to the officialdom any more in Arunachal Pradesh for, State Information Commission (SIC) under the Right to Information Act, 2005 has began taking note of things with its full-pledged sitting.”

Further, it reported that this 4 member Commission had disposed off five cases in a day, summoned few Deputy Directors of School Education (in connection with information sought on misappropriation of fund under SSA) to appear before it and warned all State Information Officers/PIO’s/APIO’s to update themselves with the knowledge of RTI Act and furnish the information sought by the public; non-compliance of which would attract penal action as per provision of the Act.

Does this mean, corruption in the state will be checked and corrupt officials booked and there will be transparent dealings? Are we heading towards corruption free society? Or the Commission would also fall into the gallows of corruption?

P.S.- Once itya remarked if I could write about the issues related to backdoor appointment, but I couldn't. Hope the constitution of SIC and RTI, which has come as a boon to the people seeking information, would be made use by the people to check the illegal appointments in government departments.


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