Monday, January 22, 2007

Facts or Fiction...

Ecologist Hilaluddin writes in his article Illicit Staple on Down to Earth Magazine -

"It’s the second week of March 2002. Morum, the annual Apatani spring festival, is in full swing at Hapoli, district Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh. The feasting includes voluminous amounts of barking deer meat."

Morum (sic) during the second week of March? Was he referring to 'Myoko' as 'Murung' is observed during the month of January? In any case, I don't remember if Apatanis ever savors on "Barking Deer Meat" and that too in voluminous amount during these festivals. Imagine, 150-200 houses in a village offering barking deer meet to their guests during 'Myoko', phew... where on earth did they manage to hunt such large number of barking deers? Did he mistook beef for "barking deer meat"? I wonder.


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