Friday, January 19, 2007

Mercury Dipping

I guess we Hapolian are witnessing one of the coldest days these past few days this winter season.

Once during my journey back home from Delhi, one co-passenger, who had been to Ziro during winter season remarked, "When you pee at Ziro during winter season, it freezes before it reaches ground and you have to break it to remove the pee." I thought, what a crap, back then, but after witnessing the cold these past few days, I would say he was not that exaggerating when he said that.

The temperature these past few days has dropped to such an extent (though I have yet to confirm from meteorological department how much the mercury has dipped these past few days) that you find water collected in the bucket the previous night frozen in the morning and you have to break the layer of ice before you are able to use that water.

The car with layer of frozen ice over windows and body was parked outside, the whole night.

Ice or Snow?


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