Monday, January 15, 2007

Murung Festival- 'Penii' through my Camera

Come January - this sleepy little twin township of Ziro-Hapoli and the villages around this township swings into life, for its carnival time-time for performing “Murung” ceremony, time to take part and to watch ‘Penii’, which is a procession originating and ending at the house where ‘Murung’ ceremony is performed, after going round the villages. People in different attires and costumes participate in this procession, chanting “HO..ho..” and entertaining the spectators gathered at all villages with their comic dance and acts.

Head Shaman leading the procession

Penii being welcomed and offered 'O'-Rice Beer and Beverages

Children dressed as an old couple.

Say cheese..

The Clowns

The Motorists

'Gaon Buras'


  • novin

    wow! didn't know that Murung is getting modern by the day!

    don't know what the 'akhaa atang' are saying but in my opinion this is the sign of the times. way to go!

  • nani riniyo

    Penii iniing si ano kapyo siido...hojalopa siinyang-siilo ka anu-barmii,ate-ata,ami-abang....hiime-akha...ngunu mulang ru ato ka ayu tanii miiju miimyo mii miilyu mado koda aya kendo la hendo cho.

  • AG

    @ novin
    don't go by the dressing of the Penii Party. I swear, the murung ritual is almost still the same leaving little room for aakha atang to complain

    @ riniyo
    Ayu miiju miimyo mi miilyu nama koda just henka la kontii won't do. Siisi ka sancha nii atang hii mika miiju miimyo mi ape miima pa ato ka miiju miimyo mi chindu pa miika doko da, ngo hendo nii ngunu ka miiju miimyo mi miilyu diima la hensu do.

  • Anonymous

    comI come across your blog while searchig for the word"Ziro".. Its wonderful specially snap photos of Murung "Festival-Penii.." Thank you for all those posts and keep it up..

  • AG

    thx anony..... for those encouraging words

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