Thursday, January 18, 2007

Taku Tamu

I don't know if I've spelled or pronounced it (Taku Tamu) right, but the video below (not a great video though) shows what I meant by comic act or dance in my earlier post on Murung & Penii

If you are unable to view full video, you can find it here.


  • nani riniyo

    Its nice to see taku-tamu in the blogger....but dear friend...i wish if we can preserve our originality of tradition and culture.Too much of modernisation can cause loss of our identity,wat u say?Any way its nice one,keep it up!

  • AG

    In today's context, when people of this place has mistaken modernity for blindly aping other's custom and culture (be it Western or Indian), I do totally endorse your view that this form of modernization would wipe out our identity in a days to come. But, what I feel is that modernity and tradition has a place of its own. We can be modern yet traditional too. Here, what we have to understand is that being modern doesn't mean blindly aping other's custom and culture and totally discarding our own custom and culture. We can be modern by our thoughts and outlook and how we do the things and not by just aping what other's do.

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