Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What should be the national issue?

Boundary intrusion……definitely a big NO, if going by the recent comment of Home Secretary V.K. Duggal on report of Chinese intrusion and occupation of some part of the state:

“There are some inadvertent incursions. Are we going to make them a national issue and make them come in the way of talks that are heading positively towards a resolution – no,”

-Courtesy CNN-IBN

Or does Mr. Duggal trying to mean that the area under intrusion falls under the territory that may be handed over to China as was hinted by the special representative on border talks, Mr. M.K. Narayanan at the end of 9th round of border talks, to be merited as national issue?

“It is possible that there may be some amount of changes in territory. But what we have agreed upon is that where there are settled populations, we don’t want to have a Partition-kind of situation.’’


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