Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trip to Kardo - A Photo Feature

Road to Kardo

Stairs to Siddeshwar Nath Temple

The Lingam

Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha trio


  • raka

    2 winters back I went to Ziro to see this place with a cousin and not being briefed or escorted lost my way .i.e went uphill along a small stream till I reached the top of the range.

    I was really apalled to note the complete(C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E)&recent deforestation of hill after hill which started just a little way up from the bottom of the Ziro valley after the pine trees end.The deforestation was for one purpose only--production of charcoal(Koyla)for sale, and entire Nepali villages were located there for the purpose. You have to believe me when I tell you the hills there looked like it was a freshly shaved head.
    It wont be long before the sand and stones brought down by unrestriced flood make the valley infertile.
    I went back without seeing the place of worship in disgust(it was also supposed to have been commercialezed).

  • AG

    I would say the people are so much engrossed in this materialistic world that they forgot to care for the environment, for preservation of which our ancestors strived so hard. Remember…5 saplings planted for 1 tree felt, so that the coming generations do not suffer.

    Here let me put one more word, I did this photo feature just in the tourism point of view-may be who knows this feature may drove in tourists to Ziro, thereby at least contributing to the economy of Ziro.

  • raka dada

    I dare not imagine what those hills look like now.
    I was told that the contractors were Nyishi people.
    I feel you should go there and quietly click some snaps and share it with the district administration for action without a formal complaint--this to prevent it being turned by vested interests into a communal situation.
    To go up, go via same route 4 Kardo, then about50-60% along the way you see a prominent trail go up the hill where a small rivulet comes down as a minor waterfall.The devastation is REALLY severe believe me--it was virgin forests getting chopped down.I did not expect this in Ziro.

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