Monday, March 19, 2007

Underdogs beating the Veterans

Though not a cricket buff, I almost stayed awake through the World Cup match between India and Bangladesh on Saturday night but for the dismal performance of Team India, I thought it was a waste to waste my sleep and went to bed. The morning news shouted the obvious- the underdogs (Bangladesh) had beaten the veterans (India) making team India almost uncertain to secure a berth in Super 8.

What went wrong? Was it the case of over-confidence? Was it that the youths of Bangladeshi Team had an edge over the ageing Indian Team? Do write in what you thought went wrong.

The performance of Bangladeshi's during the match so impressed me that at one time it didn't seemed exaggeration to me when one of their fans flashed the banner with "2011- Bangladesh ICC World Cup Champions" written on it during the match.

And the performance of Indian Team would make me think twice before I sit and watch their match with Bermuda tonight.


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