Monday, April 2, 2007

APPSC goes online

It couldn’t have come at much better time than when declaration of Preliminary Test results of APPSC examination was due.

Earlier, those pursuing higher studies outside the state would not be able to make it to the state competitive examination. Reason- lack of proper media for dissemination of information regarding the various competitive examination schedules conducted by the State Public Service Commission, advertisements etc., outside the state, resulting in delay in receiving the forms and submitting the same. But now, the information regarding the examination schedules, results, advertisement etc., would be available on click of a mouse button.

The State Public Service Commission (APPSC) has gone online with formal inauguration of its portal by APPSC Chairman Rinchin Dorjee on 30th of March 2007. All the information’s regarding the examination schedules conducted by the commission, advertisement etc. would now be available online in their portal and to go by the statement of its Chairman, the candidates would be able to apply online in near future. To quote him from The Arunachal Times:-

“We will make every effort to update the website regularly and improvise the online system to enable the candidates of various competitive examinations to go for a paperless formalities and easy procedures.”

No more woes in getting information about State Competitive Exams, for those pursuing higher studies outside, from now on, I presume.

Update Preliminary Test results at present available at though.


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