Thursday, April 19, 2007


....No..not again.

But the very existence of Gandhi Market was threatened last night around 8-8.30 P.M. by the fire that broke out probably due to electrical short circuit at one of the 16 cubicles rented out by the Government to traders; but for the quick action taken by the shift duty personnel of the Sub-Station, who was first to notice the fire, cut-off the electric supply to entire market area and volunteered to douse the fire and for the fire fighters, who acted promptly on receiving information about the fire by former (unlike the other day), was able to contain before it became unmanageable. (Considering how the market has been constructed and not to forget the ZCCI Office-cum-Police Beat Post Building blocking the entrance area, it would have been impossible for the fire fighters or the volunteers to douse fire had the fire spread fully even in one cubicle). It was not known, however at that moment, how much property was damaged (4-Cubicles were broken open to douse the fire that was spreading from the roof).

The recent series of Fire Accidents in and around Hapoli-Ziro Township has led to fear psychosis among the denizens of this twin township. Is Hapoli safe to stay (from fire)? When, how and where the next fire will break out? Would they be roasted alive while sleeping?

And this has made me wonder, why there is series of fire accidents at such short intervals this year. Is it because of poorly designed electrical circuit and sub-standard materials used by people for wiring? Is it their carelessness? And to make the matter worse in event of fire, does town planning aids the spread of fire?

I don’t have the answers right now, but after these series of fire accidents a thought came to my mind. Has anyone, may be the local legislator or the bureaucrats or technocrats of Hapoli ever thought of re-planning the township for safer and hygenic stay?


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