Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gegong Apang and the Chinese Connection..

Did Gegong Apang lost his Chief Minister's Post to Dorjee Khandu due to his Chinese Connections…well, read the report of "The Telegraph" here.


  • anon_taniigal

    Seriously, does anyone belive Gegong Apang has links to China and Extremists ?I dont think most people belive it .
    I am disappointed in The Telegraph .They have just printed these allegations without any substantiated evidence or facts.

  • AG

    I don't know if Gegong Apang has had any links with the Chinese as reported by The Telegraph. But does it really matters, when Centre has plan to cede some part of the State to China to solve the long pending Boundary dispute with China on the basis of "mutual compromise" and "give and take"? And who knows, may be Apang was enquiring about China with Chinese Officials at border, in case his home town is ceded to China…jus kidding

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