Monday, April 23, 2007

Should Arunachal be put under the purview of AFSPA?

I was quite shocked to read this. When activists like Irom Sharmila Chanu, who is on fast unto death since 2000 to repeal this "Draconian Law" from her state Manipur, I couldn't understand as to why the state government felt the need to put the entire state under the purview of this "Draconian Law"? Has the state machinery become so weak that it is not able to maintain law and order so as to consider this State as Disturbed? Has the state government thought of the Human Rights Violation cases that would crop up (which I presume would do, if going by the Human Rights violation, reported in the States where this "Draconian Law" is in force) in the name combating militancy under this Act? Or will it really help in combating militancy without human right violation? Or does this most peaceful NE state really need AFSPA? Do put in your comments.

Find documentation on AFSPA here.


  • anon_tanii_gal

    Absolutely not ! There will be gross abuse of power and human rights. Since when has AFSPA helped any of these other states .On the contrary it has alieanated these people even further .Its unbelieveable that the state government is ready to subject its own people to atrocities just because it is too weak to control law and order .
    Arunachal is one of the most peaceful states in the north east if not all of India. It just doesnt make sense to even consider it as being disturbed and impose AFSPA.

  • AG

    Since long, one question has been nagging me. Why Centre is not considering repealing/scrapping of AFSPA from Manipur and other states (read J&K and other North Eastern States) when there are reports of gross abuse to human rights? Doesn’t imposition of this Draconian Act in these states (North Eastern States) in direct contradiction to the center’s claim of bringing the North Eastern States to mainstream? God knows with such dual stance, how the Union Government would be bringing the people of this part of the country to mainstream?

    And yes anon_tanii_gal, it is really shocking and unbelievable that the state government is consulting with centre to propose this once most peaceful state in the North East as disturbed. I don’t know if they have gone through this Act or not and how the state would be affected. But who cares, it would be us only and not them (the policy makers) who would bear the brunt of this law in case AFSPA is imposed in this state. Let’s hope good sense prevail over them before they declare this state disturbed and impose this Draconian Law, in which case it would be almost impossible to withdraw this law. And the example is Manipur.

  • Anonymous

    Strongly oppose towards implementation of this malicious act framed by the govt, as commoners would be affected the most rather then those stupid militia. people are strongly affected by this law in Assam n Manipur, even we Arunachali's from Eastern Arunachal are also affected when we hav to cross over Assam for work issues, Misbehaviour by the army, constant checks n disregard towards womenfolk are to be found. The Law initiators sitting in ITANAGAR hardly feels the pain of the people in these troubled areas of TIRAP,CHANGLANG AND LOHIT districts....where human rights nomenculature hardly finds a place, Niether from the forces and the militants. PEOPLE OF THE EAST.

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