Friday, April 27, 2007

Terraced Wet Rice Field of Apatani Plateau

View of terraced wet rice field shot just prior to the plantation of rice saplings (Beginning of Agricultural Cycle)

View from "Aro Nyatu Balya"


  • Arif

    This is an awesome picture. This is exactly what I mentioned in Ziro community in Orkut. Will you please tell me in which month this is taken and which location? I am not familiar with "Aro Nyatu Balya"
    Good work.

  • AG

    Thx arif. The photo was taken during the last week of April. And if you remember, the site from which the view was captured is near the LPG gas godown - at the down after crossing SSB Gate.

  • Arif

    Thanks AG. I would miss this lovely landscape when I will visit Ziro in July. Would you be there in Ziro during Dree?

  • AG

    You surely would miss this view arif as now people have started planting paddy and the field has got entirely different look and it would be much different when you visit during the month of July. And you know what , the view now is quite mesmerizing and i hope i'd be able to capture it.

    And yeah, I surely would be there at Ziro during Dree if nothing crops up.

  • Arif

    Thanks. Hope to to meet you there.

  • AG


  • Sonam

    i must say that the blog is absolutely fantastic.. keep it up.. count me as a regular in this blog

  • AG

    thx sonam

  • opal

    aesthetically great and it was too cool to see such an unimaging photogragh which is found only in Arunachal pradesh. Yes it is the land of beauty and people of big heart.

  • heymuu

    utanuLet me congratulate YOU for clicking THIS.Arunachal,generally, a land of hills and forest, has such a beauty to look at and feel the eternal thirst for beuaty....
    I would like to say YEH KAAHAAN AA GAYE HUM...after seeing such a terrific photogrph.

  • AG

    Thanks for having such views about Arunachal and it's people.


    And yes, Arunachal is a land, whose beauty is yet to be explored and beckoning people to come and explore.

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