Friday, May 25, 2007

Do you blog about Arunachal?

In my search for blog on Arunachal, I came across this beautiful photo blog by Sonam and ever since, I was wondering how many of us, Arunachalee, seriously or casually, blog. I tried to find the fellow bloggers but couldn’t make much headway. May be there aren't as many as I thought or may be there are, but eluding me from my search. Or may be, I might have used the wrong key-words. But even then, what I feel is there are bloggers out there - who are from Arunachal or who blogs exclusively about Arunachal - but eluding me. So, I thought of compiling an Arunachalee blogger listing to keep track of fellow bloggers and I need your help in doing so.

So, if you are blogger from Arunachal (physical location doesn't matter) who blogs about anything on universe or if you are a blogger (doesn't matter if you are not from Arunachal) and blog exclusively about Arunachal or if you are not a blogger but happens to come across blogs on Arunachal, do submit your blog (for bloggers) or suggest the link (for who doesn't blog) at arunachaldiary[at]gmail[dot]com giving the following details:

  1. Name of the blog
  2. URL
  3. What's it about
  4. Your Location

Your blog will be listed here.


  • buru

    Well AG you missed the regular blog by Togo Basar, from Basar in West Siang. Also one Tagin IIT student from North India(forgot name)who should have stuck to his studies more!
    Have you gone through the latest Chinese slap on Indian faces? Gonesh Koyu(a Galo) has been denied visa cos' 'he's a Chinese Citizen already' !
    I think you and many Indians(including MEA officials)does not know that the Chinese does NOT claim whole of AP--they leave out Tirap & Changlang from their maps.So no clash with Nagalim!
    Also some old Chinese maps from Manchu or Ming dynasty DO(unfairly, for we were independent)show the above parts of AP within their empire(map avail in big libraries of metropoplises)
    Also MEA officials keep on harping Chinese claims of '90'000 sq kms of Indian territory in AP' when WHOLE of AP is less than 84'000sq kms!

    A recent Daily News &Analysis(DNA)report clearly says the Chinese has permanently come deep inside 'Indian' territory in AP and the army is looking away helplessly.

    The time for Indians to show the people of AP(not by handing out beggar money/funds) that they truely consider us equal partners is short.

  • AG

    Thx Buru for pointing out blog by Togo Basar, I've found it's URL and soon would be including in the list of Arunachalee Bloggers, but I'm clueless about the blog by Tagin IIT student. So, would you suggest the link instead?

    Yep, I sure do know that Tirap and Changlang isn't the part of Disputed Area, but when I tried to straighten out the equation, it was based on the claim of 90,000 sq. km disputed area (bad!). And Arunachal being less than 84,000 sq. km., who knows New Delhi is contemplating settlement of boundary dispute by handing over some parts of Assam and Nagaland within that disputed 90,000 area (I was just considering Arunachal Pradesh within that 90,000 sq. km while trying to solve the equation).

    And yes, they say the occupation is within the disputed no incursion at all..funny isn't it!

  • Moli

    I think you were talking about this guy, Tara Dagium.
    Here is the link but am not sure if he still Blogs about Arunachal.

  • AG

    thx moli for pointing out the link. soon i would be including the link in the listing

  • ango

    nice that there are some nice and interesting discussions taking place in your blog...tara's blog is still on so maybe you could list out his..
    the link is in moli's comment..

    going with still is interesting to see why they are harping on 90k sqkm...both the sides seem the process making us arunachalis confused...

    a friend of in delhi wanted to study chinese...i told him, albeit jokingly...theres no point...u wont end up anywhere...cos theres no beijing and shanghai in ur life..better go for french or jap...

    i think it makes sense in a way...the question of us interacting with the chinese hardly arises..with them not letting arunachalis visit china...its hard..

    clamouring for arunachal seems to be the fad of the day...TOI reportedly gave two on hindi in assembly..and the other on tawang...and hindi...god..people seem to identify arunachal only with tawang..

    quite a harmful trend for the mainland people to be following..if they want arunachal to be arunachal and not some chinese day they will find that while they are still in awe of arunachali hindi in tawang and assembly...bangladeshi muslims would have outnumbered the locals..its happening..and some of my nishi friends tell me..some nishis have got themselves converted to islam...

    food for thought...

  • AG

    Tara's blog has already been included in the list. do check it out.

  • Buru


    Would you pl elaborate on Nyishis converting to Islam please? I haven't heard of this before though conversions to Christianity and Hinduism is dime a dozen.
    I do know that quite a few Nyishis(both men and women)have intermarried with Bangladeshi muslims who have come in great multitudes in Itanagar--maybe since Islam says you can't marry a Muslim without conversion this came about?

    There are several Harings blogging from AP but not about AP so I ignore them mostly. And one publicity-seeking Chakma refugeee(David).
    Also one Khamti or Singhpo fellow(Chow Bilaseng?)from Namsai--sorry forgot their URL.

  • AG

    Refer the post.."if you are a blogger (doesn't matter if you are not from Arunachal) and blog exclusively about Arunachal".. so, it is better to ignore those non-arunaclee bloggers blog if they don't blog exclusively about arunachal but blogs from arunachal.

    Again thx for pointing at yet more bloggers from Arunachal. let's see if i'm able to find out their url'ss. if you happen to find out first do point it out.

  • Rome Mele

    Nice initiative.
    Way to go !!

  • AG

    @ Rome Mele,

    Thx for visiting

  • Anonymous

    Hey AD, Rome's blog is at; Romey, if you don't mind. And he is exceptional.

  • AG

    @ Anon,
    I'd be incorporating his blog in Arunachalee Bloggers soon. I quite liked some of his posts.

  • ango


    the issue of nyishis converting to islam...well dont really have the proof...but know a guy from my university days in delhi...he is a pakka nishi and arunachali..and when i say this i mean he loves his nishi culture..and prides on being an arunachali....he did his college and university education in itanagar..and was active in lots of student initiatives there.. he was the one who had referred to such conversions...maybe one could attribute this to the demands of inter religion marriage..

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