Monday, May 14, 2007

Hands on Illustrator

Well, creativity bug bit me these past few days and I thought of trying my hands on computer illustration. With sketch by Cho handy with me (hey that's creativity indeed ;-))

(Cho's Sketch)

I fiddled with Illustrator to get the feel of its various tools and finally after more than 6 hrs I came up with this (see below).

(Finished Artwork)

C’mon, I know there are lots of flaw in this illustration, but it's my first try on anything like computer/digital illustration. I hope I would be able to explore more of this wonderful software-Adobe ‘Illustrator’ in days to come and would be able to improve myself on computer illustration.

P.S. Hope I was able to do justice with sketch work of Cho.

For the above work I've extensively used Guassian Blur.


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