Registration of Teams for Dree Football Tourney 2007 begins…

Would there be or wouldn’t there be quite a number of teams and spectators turning out for Dree Footbal Tourney 2007?…??? Why? Read below.

Couple of weeks back, the Central Dree Festival Celebration (CDFC) Committee, Ziro announced opening of registration of teams/clubs for participation in the much anticipated event of the year -the Dree Football Tournament which is tentatively slated for June 10th at Dree Ground, Old Ziro.

But there has been a very cold response to this call for registration of teams/clubs and so far, it is being reported that no teams/clubs has come forward for registration. The reason, as is being said is the prize money, which is not that lucrative to vie for. This year the prize money has been reduced from INR 25,000 for Winner and INR 15,000 for Runners-up to INR 10,000 for winner and INR 5,000 for Runners-up and the people are emphasizing the CDFC, Ziro to enhance the prize money to make the Tournament more lucrative.

“The reason for reducing the prize money this year was due to dearth of fund owing to banning of lottery by State Government (in the wake of DPVBRD imbroglio), which was the major source of generation of fund”, said the CDFC Games and Sports Secretary when enquired as to why the prize money has been reduced this year when the trend of enhancement of prize money every year was set this past couple of years.

On asking why the venue was shifted from Subansiri Stadium to Dree Ground Ziro which may affect the turn out of the tournament, he said, “Owing to the ongoing reconditioning of Subansiri Stadium, we had to take the tournament to Dree Ground at Old Ziro but even then we are expecting a good turn-out.”

Now, it has to be seen as to how many teams would turn up for the tournament and what would be the impact on the turn outs owing to change in venue.

I’d be updating on the Dree Football Tourney 2007, as and when anything new pops up.

What’s Cooking?

The Arunachal Times reports-

“The Indo-China border personnel meeting will be held in China along the Tawang Sector on May 28 next, 190 Brigade Command GOC Brig. Sanjoy Kulkarni will lead the Indian Army team, defence PRO Lt. Col. Narendra Singh Said, adding only local media persons from Arunachal Pradesh will be allowed to cover the event.”

Well, what’s cooking? Is it in the wake of reported boundary incursion?

Should we bother?

Instead of directly replying to the comment by Buru on my post on Final Settlement of Boundary Dispute!, I thought of making it a full post. So here it is:

I don’t deny that we the North-Easterner has always been part of prejudice whenever we are in other parts of the country for whatever reasons (for Higher studies, for business trips or just for vacationing) and may be this is one of the reasons why this part of the country has not been able to be brought to the mainstream completely, so far.

But my dear friend Buru, I don’t agree with you that our history says that we came from China. Though, certainly there is folklore, of us migrating from high up above present day Arunachal (In case of Tani Groups), but it never suggested that it was from China. The only reference is some large lake (probably at Tibet) beyond which the elders doesn’t seem to know much or may be doesn’t want to tell further (may be due to some reservations). And to talk about food and culture, I don’t know if there is any similarity between us and the Chinese as I’ve not been to China nor I’ve tried to study their food habits, tradition or culture, so far. (Here I’m referring to Tani group only). In this regard, I fumbled upon ethnology, and couldn’t find anything that says that Tani group has any link with the people of China. If you do, then let me know.

And I do agree with you that, who the heck they are to decide about our land without taking us into confidence. After all, it’s our land. But then, don’t you think that we people have accepted that we are part of India and we are Indian? What is intriguing is that despite us considering to be part of India, the Centre doesn’t seem to think so. If that’s not the case then Centre should have taken us and the state Government into confidence while carrying forward the talks on border row, even though it is highly sensitive in nature and a diplomatic issue. And now they are deciding our fate. Also, what is more despising is that the state Government seems to be content with the statement that Arunachal is integral part of India, and parroting whatever the Centre wants it to mouth. And the so called intellectuals of this state, they seem to know nothing about or bother about the whole issue.

And if it is the question of who rules Arunachal, then why India or China? Why not America? In that case, Arunachal would become buffer zone to India and China and we may witness infrastructural developments which has so far been eluding us.

The question here is not about Tani group, Mishmi’s, Monpa’s or the other groups of the state, it is about Arunachal-the state as a whole, it is about why should anyone challenge the territorial integrity of our state? Should we be satisfied with the Centre’s statement that ‘Arunachal is integral part of India, when they are actually trying to challenge the integrity of the state? Shouldn’t we try to save the territorial integrity? Or should we think either way it’s o.k. and don’t bother at all about the territorial integrity? What do you say?

Final Settlement of Boundary Dispute!

Is it for real?

After much claim, counter claims, round of talks, claim of boundary intrusion and denials (1, 2, 3), the Central Government has finally broken their long held silence about this (Indo-China Boundary Dispute) whole issue and declared that final package settlement covering all sectors of India and China may be arrived at soon (shall I presume by the end of 11th round or will it be just wining and dining at some exotic locales again…may be somewhere at Arunachal : p) followed by marking of boundaries and actual delineation and demarcation of boundary.

The Arunachal Times reports-

India and China are exploring the framework of a final package settlement covering all sectors of the India-China boundary.” Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee told parliament.

“This will be followed by the last stage, which will involve actual delineation and demarcation of the boundary on maps and ground by the civil, military and survey officials from the two sides,” he said in the upper house.

Now I wonder what this final package of settlement would be. Earlier, it was presumed that there would be east-west swap i.e., of 90,000 sq. km of land that China says is the part of their country, to India and of 38,000 of land that India says China is occupying illegally, to China. But, with the greater gameplan that China has, it doesn’t seem at all that China would be satisfied with Aksai Chin alone as was presumed earlier but would be much more interested to at least grab some part of Arunachal, if not whole of it (surely India wouldn’t part with whole of Arunachal but may part with some as hinted after 9th round of talks, to settle once and for all this contentious boundary dispute), along with Aksai Chin in the final package for settlement. If that is what’s to be expected, then where does the credibility of Centre’s statement that Arunachal Pradesh is integral part of India lies? Aren’t we, the people of Arunachal, being duped by the Centre? Has the state government, if not we the people of Arunachal, been taken into confidence by centre about this whole issue? If not, how long would the state government remain a mute spectator to this whole issue, pretending that this state is an integral part of India, when in actuality, its territory is being challenged?

I further wonder, if some part of Arunachal is exchanged as a part of final settlement to boundary dispute then which part of Arunachal it would be. Let me try to straighten the equation. Tawang – it doesn’t seem that India would be willing to part with it; after all the sentiments of ‘62’s defeat is attached with it. May be eastern part of Arunachal i.e., Tirap, Changlang, but then, would China be interested in getting involved in another boundary row with so called The Greater Nagalim? Or will it be border areas of Central Part of Arunachal, but then again, the Centre has hinted that the populated areas wouldn’t be disturbed so as to create a partition like situation. And to talk about the border, it is told that population of Arunachal are settled across the LAC also. Then what would be the final package of boundary settlement? Will it consists of entire district/districts of Arunachal Pradesh, as entire population would then be exchanged along with the territory and there would be no partition like situation?

Seems it’s too tough an equation to straighten out. So, till both the country arrives at final package of settlement of boundary dispute, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying that the territorial integrity of this easternmost state is not challenged in the final package of settlement, lest we may have cross-border brethren. And I’m eagerly waiting for this more than 44 years long dispute to end so that we would be sure as to where we would be waking up the next day.

Hands on Illustrator

Well, creativity bug bit me these past few days and I thought of trying my hands on computer illustration. With sketch by Cho handy with me (hey that’s creativity indeed ;-))

(Cho’s Sketch)

I fiddled with Illustrator to get the feel of its various tools and finally after more than 6 hrs I came up with this (see below).

(Finished Artwork)

C’mon, I know there are lots of flaw in this illustration, but it’s my first try on anything like computer/digital illustration. I hope I would be able to explore more of this wonderful software-Adobe ‘Illustrator’ in days to come and would be able to improve myself on computer illustration.

P.S. Hope I was able to do justice with sketch work of Cho.

For the above work I’ve extensively used Guassian Blur.