Monday, May 21, 2007

Registration of Teams for Dree Football Tourney 2007 begins...

Would there be or wouldn't there be quite a number of teams and spectators turning out for Dree Footbal Tourney 2007?...??? Why? Read below.

Couple of weeks back, the Central Dree Festival Celebration (CDFC) Committee, Ziro announced opening of registration of teams/clubs for participation in the much anticipated event of the year -the Dree Football Tournament which is tentatively slated for June 10th at Dree Ground, Old Ziro.

But there has been a very cold response to this call for registration of teams/clubs and so far, it is being reported that no teams/clubs has come forward for registration. The reason, as is being said is the prize money, which is not that lucrative to vie for. This year the prize money has been reduced from INR 25,000 for Winner and INR 15,000 for Runners-up to INR 10,000 for winner and INR 5,000 for Runners-up and the people are emphasizing the CDFC, Ziro to enhance the prize money to make the Tournament more lucrative.

“The reason for reducing the prize money this year was due to dearth of fund owing to banning of lottery by State Government (in the wake of DPVBRD imbroglio), which was the major source of generation of fund”, said the CDFC Games and Sports Secretary when enquired as to why the prize money has been reduced this year when the trend of enhancement of prize money every year was set this past couple of years.

On asking why the venue was shifted from Subansiri Stadium to Dree Ground Ziro which may affect the turn out of the tournament, he said, “Owing to the ongoing reconditioning of Subansiri Stadium, we had to take the tournament to Dree Ground at Old Ziro but even then we are expecting a good turn-out.”

Now, it has to be seen as to how many teams would turn up for the tournament and what would be the impact on the turn outs owing to change in venue.

I'd be updating on the Dree Football Tourney 2007, as and when anything new pops up.


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