Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's still cooking?

Amidst the heat of intrusion claims and denials, the Indian Army invites the local media persons of Arunachal Pradesh for Indo-China Border Personnel Meeting and shows there exists a good camaraderie between their Chinese counterparts, exchange gifts, raise toast and do photo-session. Something fishy? The Arunachal Times reports-

"Close on the heels of alleged Chinese intrusion into Arunachal Pradesh recently and resultant heat and dust raised over the issue even rocking the Parliament, both India and China today convened yet another border personnel meeting (BPM) braving chilly weather and tough terrains along the frontiers to further knot the age old relationship.


The meeting was an indication of how both the neighbours have developed close relations over a period of time and strengthened the bonds of friendship and camaraderie despite all odds, which speaks volumes for the growing trust and faith between the border troops deployed in the sector.

The BPM commenced with the Indian delegation receiving their Chinese counterparts at the 'Heap of Stones' along the LAC, followed by a formal interaction between them. The Indian delegation was headed by Brig. Sanjay Kulkarni, while Colonel Zhang Wei Guo headed the Chinese side.

In their messages, both the sides were of the opinion that the two nations should continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship while maintaining peace and tranquility along the border. The event included among others exchange of gifts from both sides while raising several toasts amidst cheers remained its hallmark."

I wonder, if the BPM was just to show how the border personnel shares good camaraderie, then why local media alone was invited, why not others? Was it an attempt to make people of Arunachal think that 'Mahaol Thik Hai' (everything is alright) at the border, no incursion or occupation by Chinese troops at all?

What's more amusing is that though the army denied any incursion or occupation, an Indian Parliamentary delegation would be arriving at the border- the reason of which, the army says, is clueless about. Can you believe?

"Addressing the media persons immediately after the BPM, Brig. Kulkarni nullified the baseless reports, saying that perfect harmony existed between the two nations. His clarification came at the backdrop of allegations about China occupying 20 km of Indian territory in Tawang sector and 8 km in Taksing in Upper Subansiri District.

Ironically, in sharp contrast to their contentions, Brig. Kulkarni however admitted that an Indian Parliamentary delegation would be arriving here tomorrow.

Surprisingly, the said delegation has sidelined all the three MP's of this frontier state drawing flak from Lok Sabha MP Kiren Rijiju, who would raise the matter at the highest forum.


Though Brig Kulkarni feigned ignorance of the trip and said probably it was a regular exercise, but such a trip is neither a regular one nor can not be arranged without the knowledge of the army."

-Source the Arunachal Times

If everything is alright at the border as said by army, I fail to understand why the parliamentarian delegates are visiting the border and that too without the parliamentarian of this state ? Why doesn't New Delhi want to take the people of Arunachal into confidence about this whole boundary issue? What's cooking?


  • robo

    As I told before, the cowardly Indian army is trying all it can to cover-up the Chinese annexation.Even the CM(in Rediff interview)and DNA news(google it) has clearly said of permanent Chinese annexation in Dibang valley and Upper Subansiri(NOT Tawang sector).
    'Camaraderie' my foot.If the Chinese annexed territory, and the Indian Army is actually toasting them, why the hell would they NOT show camaraderie? :P

    The Indian army shows its bravery by killing unarmed civilians of Northeast under AFSPA only.

  • AG

    Yeah robo, it seems inviting local media men to BPM was just an excercise to cover-up the whole issue

    But the question is how long would the people of Arunachal let themselves be fooled over and over and over again? when would they stand up to know the whole fact?

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