Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ziro Bandh

What has Student Organizations in the state, now-a-days become? Moral Police? Social Worker? A Vigilant Group? A political group? Or is it an organization that looks after welfare of the students? What I feel is that it has become every thing except the organization that is involved in upliftment of student community. Or pawn to some politicians?

The ASU (Apatani Students Union) called 12 hrs bandh from 5 am to 5 pm yesterday, demanding 2 (two) Assembly Constituency for Ziro-I (poster below).

The poster showng their Charter of Demand/s(?)

Road being blocked to prevent vehicular movement

I would not have wrote post about this Bandh, which has almost become a tool of any XYZ organization to let their voice (justified or otherwise) heard but for the telecast in Local TV channel wherein the Union had said that they are calling Bandh to let their voice reach Delhi and had threatened to take the law into their own hands (?) in the event of people not adhering to Bandh Call, the previous night (had muscling around become the duty of the student body, was what I wondered) and for the people, who bears the brunt of such kind of Bandhs. And as was expected, the Bandh Call was total, barring the Government establishments which remained open, with almost all the vehicles, except those of press, law enforcing agencies and magistrate on duty, off the road. The business establishment downed their shutters. After all, who would take the risk of letting themselves to be harmed or their property damaged?

With nothing to do, the whole day I was trying to figure out how the 2-Assembly Constituency for Ziro-I would have affected them? I couldn’t figure out. Wasn’t it the duty of the denizens to demand for the same instead of Students Union? Or was the students union taken for a ride at the behest of political aspirants? Why students did not raise voice against the irregularities in appointment of teachers instead, which would have directly affected them? Well, I guess there are lots of personal stakes involved.

And for God’s sake, would any one make them understand or put sense in them that it would only make the life of a common man miserable by a day or two till such Bandh is imposed and that it wouldn’t affect even the State Government, forget about Delhi. They are just playing into the hands of politicians. Instead, why don’t they concentrate on student’s community welfare activities?


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