Friday, June 1, 2007

Are the people of Arunachal turning away from New Delhi?

If Arunachalee parliamentarian Kiren Rijiju is to be believed, then the Arunachalee people are turning away from New Delhi and it wouldn't be far when separatist movement would gain control over this most peaceful state of the country. The Asian Age reports-

"BJP MP from Arunachal Pradesh Khiren Rijiju on Thursday claimed separatists were gaining ground and garnering support of the local people in the region as New Delhi was maintaining a "conspicuous silence" on China’s repeated claim on the state.

"The situation in Arunachal Pradesh is very tense. Separatist voices could be heard from Arunachal in the coming years. A separatist movement in the state is in waiting if no immediate attention is paid to the problems people are facing there," the Arunachal MP told the party high command. Leader of the Opposition L.K. Advani and former external affairs ministers Jaswant Singh and Yashwant Sinha had a meeting with the Arunachal MP on Thursday. The BJP MP, who had been demanding that the government allow a parliamentary delegation and journalists to visit the "disputed site", which is now reportedly under the control of the neighbouring country, alleged that the Army was not allowing even parliamentarians to enter the areas and assess the ground reality. "Nobody actually knows how much land we have lost to China," the BJP MP told party leaders."

"Nobody actually knows how much land we have lost to China"…Well then, what was the basis of claiming that China had intruded 20 km of land in Arunachal Pradesh, Mr. Rijiju? Now I wonder, if it was at the behest of BJP and not as a concerned Arunachalee? But then, the non inclusion of parliamentarian of this state and the journalists in the visit of parliamentarian to the disputed area is also confusing.


  • robo

    AG see for yourself how our 'brave' army lies to us: | India | Report

    Army takes stock as Chinese take plots in Arunachal Pradesh
    Rajesh Sinha
    Wednesday, May 23, 2007 08:26 IST


    Top brass meets in Assam, reviews activities along unmarked border

    NEW DELHI: In the wake of reports published in DNA on China making fresh inroads into Arunachal Pradesh, top army commanders met in Assam on Tuesday to appraise the activities along India’s unmarked border and review counter-insurgency operations in the Northeast.

    Lt Gen KS Jamwal, who heads the Kolkata-based Eastern Command, was briefed by the general officer commanding of the 4 Corps, Lt Gen RK Chhabra. The latter is heading the military offensive against the United Liberation Front of Asom in Arunachal and Assam. The GOC-in-C was also briefed about the activities along the Line of Actual Control, before his visit there.

    Army sources told DNA that there were eight sectors of dispute along the India-China border in Arunachal and every summer the Chinese make a dozen or so intrusions in these parts. Though the army visits these places to stake India’s claim, the Chinese end up controlling the areas because “they are more aggressive”. Last year, the Intelligence Bureau reported that China had moved one of its posts further inside, but an examination by RAW found they had merely built a structure.

    The Centre and the Arunachal government have been denying suggestions that the Chinese are making further inroads. Instead, the focus seems to be on building roads in remote border areas to remove the communication blocks for the Indian Army.

    Intelligence officers said China had built an elaborate road network along the border. This, gave China a distinct advantage over India, they said.

    And CM DKs Rediff interview:

    Q:Did the Government of India accept the 1986 intrusion and the resultant occupation of our territory?

    DK:They had to. The Chinese had taken our land.

    Q:The Government of India accepted that and did nothing?

    DK:The Chinese took our posts, the government had to accept that. But there is no intrusion now.

  • AG

    DK:The Chinese took our posts, the government had to accept that. But there is no intrusion now.

    what does DK mean by that? occupied the post and no incursion??? shouldn't he stop being puppet of UPA Govt. and start thinking what's wrong or what's right for the state. Oh! I forgot, they (politicians) all survive on New Delhi's hand outs., after all.

  • Vishal Sharma

    Please come and join us at and raise the voice and plight of Arunachal Pradesh. We are all behind you and lets help you.

    The voice of India

  • Anonymous

    it' such a shame for us Indians of not being able to protect our own land from the false claims and then cry in foul afterwards. why create a scene afterwards that we had to give up, bcoz they were more aggressive? . what happened to your own inidan aggression and defeat in 1962 war have you lost it . why are they then in the army? hopeless!!

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