Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hari Sports Club Lifts Dree Football 2007 Trophy

The 2007 Dree Football Tourney began and ended with a style-the tournament was kicked off by Hari Sports Club and Diibo Sports Club and the title was fought between these two teams at the end to conclude the tournament.

The match started at around 2.05 pm. No sooner had the match entered its second minute Hari Sports Club took the lead when Tadu Opo converted the through ball to goal. The match went on with Diibo Sports Club trying to equalize the score, however, in the 18th minute Hari Sports Club concreted their lead with a goal by Gyati Obing. The gathered crowd was greatly entertained by the teams and by the commentator who would not hesitate to just hype about the numbers of spectators, the temperature, which according to him was 40 degrees, about the timer watch which he claimed to be specially imported from Switzerland for the match and not to forget the medicos hired from Holland. It was quite fun listening to his commentary. No doubt the temperature was quite hot today, but I wondered if the temperature of Ziro ever crossed 33 degrees. The first half ended with Hari Sports Club leading with 2-0.

The second half started with both the teams trying to score and the 90th minute elapsed without a goal. However, during the 3 minutes injury time, a hand ball by Diibo Sports Club defender in the D-box awarded a penalty kick to Hari Sports Club. Gyati Opo took the penalty shot and converted it to goal to make the final score to 3-0. With this Hari Sports Club finall took hold of Dree Football Trophy once again which was eluding the team when it lost the trophy after holding it for record 12 (or was it 13-someone correct me) times.


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