Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Match Schedules

Finally, the schedule of the much awaited event of the year-Dree Football Tournament is out. This year the team has been divided into 2 pools. The match format will be round robin where the teams in a pool play with each other. The top two teams from each pool which would be decided by points (3 points for a win, 1 for draw and nil for loss) goes to semi-finals (there is no quarter-finals this season).

Pool A

  1. Diibo Sports Club

  2. Diibo Football Club

  3. 1948 Sports Club

  4. Hari Sports Club

Pool B

  1. Sojang Lapang Sports Club

  2. Bulla Sports Association

  3. All Hija Sports Association (AHSA)

  4. Siiro Sports Club

The inaugural match will be played on 16th at 1400 hrs between Hari Sports Club and Diibo Sports Club. The details of fixture are as below: -

Pool A Matches
16th June- Hari Sports Club V/s Diibo Sports Club – 1400hrs
17th June-Diibo Football Club V/s 1948 Sports Club - 1300 hrs
18th June-Hari Sports Club V/s 1948 Sports Club – 1515 hrs
19th June-Diibo Football Club V/s Diibo Sports Club -1300 hrs
20th June-Hari Sports Club V/s Diibo Football Club – 1515 hrs
21st June-Diibo Sports Club V/s 1948 Sports Club – 1300 hrs

Pool B Matches
17th June-Sojang Lapang Sports Club V/s AHSA – 1515hrs
18th June-Bulla Sports Association V/s Siiro Sports Club – 1300 hrs
19th June-Sojang Lapang Sports Club V/s Bulla Sports Association – 1515hrs
20th June-AHSA V/s Siiro Sports Club-1300 hrs
21st June-Sojang Lapang Sports Club V/s Siiro Sports Club – 1515 hrs
22nd June-Bulla Sports Association V/s AHSA – 1300 hrs

25th June-Semi Final –I (Winner A V/s Runners-Up B)
26th June-Semi Final-II (Runners-Up A V/s Winner B)
29th June -Final (Tentative)

It is being heard that the CDFC Sports committee has received a request from ASU (Apatani Students Union) to defer the date for Final to 1st July as the date of ASU general body meeting-cum-election is coinciding with the date of Final of Dree Football Tourney and the committee is considering either to pre-pone or postpone the date of Dree Football Final.


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