Friday, June 1, 2007

Registration of teams for Dree Football Tourney 2007 ends…

The registration of teams for the forthcoming Dree Football Tourney 2007 ended yesterday. There has been decline in the number of participating teams from 12 teams last year; and this year only 8 teams/clubs would be vying for the coveted trophy and the prize money of INR 25000/- (yes, it has been confirmed by the Dree Sports Secretary). The teams are:

  1. Diibo Sports Club
  2. Diibo Football Club
  3. AHSA (All Hija Sports Association)
  4. Sojang Lapang Club
  5. Bulla Sports Association
  6. Hari Sports Club
  7. Siiro Sports Club and
  8. 1948 Soccer Club

The match fixture would be finalized on 3rd of this month by the Committee and by 4th the fixture would be published.

In the meantime, I’ve started a poll. Do participate in the poll and predict who would take away this year’s trophy.

And don’t forget to return back for more updates on Dree Football Tourney 2007.


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