Saturday, July 14, 2007

Arunachal Diary Sports a New Look (Updated)

For quite sometimes, I was thinking of enhancing the appearance of the blog and to include a navigation link tab. So, I decided to experiment with the CSS and here you are with a brand new look for Arunachal Diary. There are some issues to be resolved, though.

  1. Presently, the 'About' navigation link has not been linked to about page-which I would be doing soon. Done.
  2. Something is wrong with the 'Recent Comments widget'-got to debug. Resolved using hack by Ramani.
  3. 'Read More…' option is showing at all the posts. Resolved using hack by Ramani.
Hope I'm able to resolve the above issues soon.

Do put in your comments on how you find the new look.


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