Friday, August 10, 2007

Around Sixty Years ago

Well, here is another video by Prof. Christoph Von Furer Heimendorf uploaded at You Tube by Dr. Joram Beda . Enjoy.


  • anon_tanii_gal

    This film is probably taken from this site

    There are more films on this webpage and most of the films are about tanii people about 70 years ago. The files are in quicktime format and take a very long time to download. I hope someone can upload them onto for quicker and wider access. I think we need to preserve these films as part of our history.

  • AG

    You are right anon....the film is very well taken from the site as mentioned by you and I had posted about it here.

    Earlier I was thinking of doing the same that is upload these videos on you tube, but for the probable copyright violation. Here too, I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing by putting up the video. Do hint me if I've violated any copyright so that I may pull down the post.

  • anon_tanii_gal

    Well, I don't think you are violating copyright by providing the link. First of all is it copyrighted? maybe not. Anyway the site does want the viewers to download the files and requests them to do so. And I suppose you are not going to use it to profit from it? It is just for knowledge and information purposes.
    If there is a copyright violation, the most they can do will be to request you to take it down.
    So nope, I don't think we should be too worried about copyrights.

  • AG

    Thx anon......for clarification.

  • buru

    1 1/2 years back the full complement of audio/video/stills was exhibited for the first time in Itanagar--and the copyright owners were some British org; In fact they refused to part with any copy when requested.

    In addition, I have seen parts of the same video on net 7-9 years back on a website owned by Verrier Elwins descendants(they are in Shillong) the website being I think>this website now seems to have evolved into>check out for Nyishi photos too.

    There were even scenes of raids on Nyishi villages(Dr Beda may be interested to know that houses of Joram village being set-afire are shown on video).

  • AG

    thx buru, for the information.

  • Diganta

    Amazing ...

  • Anonymous

    Instead of showing your crab-like attitude you should appreciate that some guy like Dr. Joram has taken the initiative to put the wonderful video on the popular online channel 'Youtube' for the world to see. There are so many videos in the youtube that have been taken from else where. The advantage of publishing videos in Youtube is that viewers are able to find all of them in one URL instead of browsing through many sites. Moreover the video is not an exact copy, it has been edited to remove contents that could potentially suggest battle between two tribes. The author had explicitly mentioned that the video has been EDITED by him and not PRODUCED by him. And as for Mr. BURU, the question is not about whose village is being burnt...that only shows how primitive and tribal minded you must be. The intention of such videos is to showcase our cultural identities. The intention is to show that the process of our civilization began not long ago. I hope the bloggers post responsible comments next time.

  • AG

    @ anony,
    As always, I'd have appreciated you more if you had posted non-anonymously (even pseudonym would have solved the purpose);).

    Secondly, I haven't said anything that suggests Dr. Beda is wrong or right. In fact, to show him my appreciation, I'd even provided his YouTube profile link in my post. Besides, it is upto oneself to decide if you are violating the copyright or not. In my case, my conscience didn't permitted me to make video out of clippings and post it at YouTube. But I couldn't resist myself from posting the video (even when I was not sure) in my blog, so that others may know about our culture.

    As regards Buru's comment, I don't find anything offensive against any particular community. He only suggested the fact and suggesting a fact doesn't mean that one is primitive. Besides, he couldn't have said, look New Delhi is burning. Or would he?

  • Buru

    To Mr Anonymous Coward:

    1.Who has shown crab-like attitude except you?? Far as I can see all(including yours truly) have appreciated the input and added their own ideas.
    Maybe you need lessons in basic English?

    2.The poster(dr beda)could not have PRODUCED the video, we know that thank you.If he was making videos in 1944 he wouldnt be alive today;)
    Re EDITING--you are lying!
    There is NO scene(s)of inter-tribal conflict in the original. You would know if you had seen it--obviously you havent.
    The house-burning in Joram & surrounding villages was done by Haimendorfs party(few Gurkha sepoys and rest local pro-British Nyishis)for alleged çrimes'against British. At some point even dr beda's grandpa was said to have been arrested by the party(source is in NES, this is not wild allegation).
    At no point in the original film surrounding tribes(ie Apatani or Hillsmiri) are implicated in battles.

    3.Primitive and tribal: well, I just supposed that dr beda may be interested in knowing his ancestral village was shown on the film. I would have been damn interested if MY village was portrayed. Either way no harm was meant.

    To AG,
    Just for your interest: all British sources suggest that pre-independence, the Apatanis were the SUPERPOWERS(military and economic)of all the surrounding areas and tribes.The surrounding tribes were relegated to the status of slave providers, mithun keepers, domestic workers and the like and they were never in danger of any major military threat at any point(this is contrary to what many naive people believe today:)

  • Anonymous

    Thus Nuru guy indeed proves to the best my judgment that he is a frog in the well and bound in a time capsule of 100 years back. He must be a reckless, impudent, snobbish man of inferior intelligence.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, ....even my analysis says so. Kick this guy Buru out of the blogger list AG. Please remove his comments and counter comments.
    It doesn't matte what the heck we were in the past... the present matters.


  • Anonymous

    Ask Buru to go and tell this to the many hundren innocent dogs he and his fore-fathers must have eaten and become 'superpowers'. If he thinks he alone knows English in this country of 3,287,590 sq. km and ask him to kiss my arse.


  • Anonymous

    I don't understand what the heck is this all about. A nice chap posts a video about his state's history in the popular online video channel in good faith and for good reasons.... and out comes such awful comments. Mr.(or Mrs) Buru must mind his language before making comments. A criticism should be intended for good reasons and not to express sarcasm. I think Mr. Buru is wrong in every sense and every bit. I find the first Anonymous person's english to be a much better one than the one penned by Buru or Nuru (whatever!).

    Black Dragon

  • Anonymous

    AG ...... kick this asshole Buru outta this blog.


  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is Buru? My judgment on him: ethnocentric, communal, narrow minded, irresponsible, educated but ignorant and most probably not sophosticated in outlook. Must be living in some remote place in Arunachal who is still obsessed with Ethnic Superiority issues when the world around him today is embroiled in important issues such as global warming, HIV/AIDS, nanotechnology, ion propulsion system, gene therapy, WTO trade negotiations, Free trade, Copyleft, etc.

  • Buru ajeng

    Dear Anonymous,

    I apologise to you and anybody else who might have been hurt by some of my direct& indiscreet statements(of fact).However I assure you no intention of creating communal discord was meant at any point--my posts in other threads will attest to that.I also urge AG to delete my posts if he deems it offensive.

    However I have a question for you too:
    I can see that each of the posts under "Änonymous" have the same pattern of grammatical and diction styles.Also the last six(6)posts under "Änonymous" followed by various pseudonyms have been sent from the same PC IP address within exactly 27(twentyseven)minutes(i.e. 4.5 minutes per post).In addition a short post is followed by a another post after 2-3 minutes, a one-line post came only 1 minute after the last post and the last long post took 10 minutes to be sent after the previous post(i.e. typing time difference since same computer used).

    Bottomline: While I sympathise with you why did you feel the need to write under so many different Pseudonyms to make the same basic point?You were even talking to yourself in some of the posts,why? It would have been better if you had rebutted my mistakes point by point than resorting to name calling, character assasination, calling people dog-eaters etc under different fake IDs.

    Anyway I end by re-affirming that I have no ill-will towards dr beda or any community so please dont take offence anymore.Goodnight.

  • yasiyalow

    Kudos to Buru. It takes large heart and a matured outlook to accept ones mistake and apolosize. I am sure he didnot mean to hurt anyone intentionally.
    We, as Arunachalee need to be more careful in our words and deeds, because we are unique in this wide-wide world to have such rich diversity in our culture, language, tradition within a span of small geographical region. More so, we must accept the fact that almost all the tribes of AP have just taken our first steps towards catching up thousands of other civilzation. We need to have very very large heart to accomodate each others shortcomings and differences. Tolerance and understanding of each others sentiments and emotions needs to be imbibed among the young generations who are the futures of Arunachal. Each of us need to contribute our tits and bits for nutrturing harmonious and progressive arunachal society.

  • AG

    To anonymous 1,2,3,4,5 & 6,
    Contrary to what you might think of Buru I found him quite intelligent, least bit of ethnocentric or sarcastic. You ought to believe me if you read his comments on my other posts. And he has shown great sense of maturity by apologising to you all. So, I request you all not to call names and discuss the issues at hand in a matured way. Hope, atleast I can expect that much from you people.

    To Buru,
    I didn't found anything offensive in your posts. May be people got offended on the information that was meant for me which I guess you didn't posted to hurt anyone but as an information for me as we did on other posts before.

  • Buru

    Thanks and I will consider this as a closed chapter.I do however tend to get sarcastic, but only if I am insulted first;)

  • Pacha

    Buru sounds a little politically incorrect, but very intelligent otherwise.

    And hey people, calling others a frog in a well doesn't make you well-traveled, calling others narrow-minded doesn't make you broad-minded, and such.

    If you a greatly offended by an unintentional statement which may be misread, you are most probably someone very insecure about yourself.

    "Ask Buru to go and tell this to the many hundren innocent dogs he and his fore-fathers must have eaten and become 'superpowers'."

    Correction: hundred.

    Buru, please do, if you will.

  • Buru


    I would do so gladly, if I could bring back those dogs who already went down the gullet;))

    Dog meat is not too different from mutton or chicken right?
    Almost all Mongoloid nations and a large number of African nations eat dogs as a matter of routine.
    Just see these images:


    3.(Vietnam )

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