Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Those who have been following the looks of Arunachal Diary might have noticed that Arunachal Diary has a Favicon now. Yes, the icon at the address bar or at the tab if you are using Mozilla or IE7 or Safari or Opera. Sad part is that it doesn’t work for IE6.

Now you might be asking, what’s the big deal? Is it indeed necessary to do a post on it? But I thought otherwise. Because, with this I fulfilled one of my wishes in the wish list that I felt for long that this blog should have and secondly, I thought why not share how I went about putting favicon for my blog who knows the tips might help other nubes like me.

Here I must admit that I’m not at all versed with all these coding and that I’m quite a nube in this field and that putting a Favicon in the website would be as easy as pie for the veterans. All I did was follow the tips provided by Peter Chen, Digital inspiration and Matt Wardman on how to display the favicon.

Well, here is how I went about.

I designed text logo for my blog in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and saved the file in JPEG format (may be there are other ways of doing this through single software). Here, don’t bother about the size of the graphic or the file format (be it JPEG, GIF, PNG etc.) for now.

There after, I generated the icon image from the logo I had created, at the site FavIcon from Pic and saved it in the hard disc. Here what I observed was that whatever be the file size or the format, image icon of 16 x 16 pixels would be generated.

This generated icon was uploaded to photo hosting site, photobucket. (Though the tips says personal web space is required and blogger doesn’t support hosting of the icon image, yet I feel that it can be done through blogger itself)

Copy and paste the code below replacing the url underlined in red with the photobucket url, just after the tag in blogger template.

Save the template and voila you have Favicon at the address bar of blogger blog. And still if you are not able to put Favicon in your Blogger Blog, I recommend that you visit here here and here for further tips on how to put Favicon.


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