Thursday, July 26, 2007

Guest Authors

Well, I thought why not let you have an insight into the persons behind those beautiful articles that has put some quality into this blog. So, I asked them to write about themselves and here are they, in their own words:



I was born at Hao po lyang or Hapoli (Arunachal) on February 27. When I was little I was fond of playing doctor – dissecting frog, rat, etc. Seeing me doing this, my father hoped I would become doctor someday and sent me to boarding school at Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) when I was just 11 years old where I met ‘AG’ and some very nice fellow. While I am still at boarding school, my curiosity in anatomy gradually faded away as the magic of words and sentences began to fascinate me more. And the discovery of Enid Blyton, the Hardy Boys’ series and all, helped me greatly to opt for humanities stream after my matriculation. My father was bit upset when he learnt about my decision. I still love reading both fiction and non-fiction. My favorite authors are – John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Robin Cook, etc. As for the books; I love to read the biography of Lee Iaococca, the diary of Anne Frank, and so on and so forth. Lately I read Robin Sharma’s “the monk who sold his Ferrari” and liked it immensely.

After passing out of school, I went to Sri Venkateswara College (Delhi University) to do B.A. During my sophomore year at college, I learned that my father had a lung cancer and won’t live long to see me completing my graduation. I couldn’t attend his burial ceremony as he strictly said to me that I should come back home with a B.A. degree. Due to rampant corruption in the state, I was unable to land a good job for few years after my father’s death. I worked for my cousin sister as a salesman. Perhaps, two months later she shifted her shop to Itanagar. I tried my hand at Greeting card, but didn’t work out for me. And then opened a cafeteria, it did well but brought me a little money. Last year, to be precise, November 2006 was the month when I brought out the first copy of “ZIRO MIRROR” which implies that I worked also as Executive Editor, Managing Editor, News Editor, Copy Writer and Distributor. A few People appreciated it. The rest still remain unknown to it. There are piles and piles of copies of ZM lying at my room. And I’m still repaying the money I borrowed to start this. At present, I’m working as a teacher.

In regard to academic matters; I was not so bright, but I wasn’t so dull either. Just after my graduation, I was selected to do Garment Manufacturing Technology course at NIFT, Chennai. I couldn’t afford the fees. A couple of months later, I again got through in the exam for Public Relation course at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Calcutta. But fate decided otherwise.

I traveled to many places in India, especially northern India during my short stint as an escort. I had been to Jaipur, Shimla, Chandigarh, Kolkotta, Meerut, Nainital, Dehradhun, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Shillong and Agra – saw the magnificent Taj Mahal. In retrospect; among all the places I had been to, I felt most unsafe in Jaipur and Delhi. I would love to travel to European countries someday.

My friends say that I am sensitive. But I think I am hyper-sensitive. I am a bit conscious about my short stature. And at five feet two inches, the world looks really big. I love listening to all kind music from Beethoven to John Denver to Ice Cube. I particularly liked the vocal of Freddie Mercury of queen band. Wished he could live a little longer.

That’s all. Me - in a nutshell.


His work can be found under the label Cho’s Take


(To be updated)

Two years back, when AG asked me if I would like to contribute in his blog ‘the arunachal diary’, I accepted his offer readily. I wasn’t sure what I was going to contribute but I thought of using it as an opportunity to rediscover the hobby of my school days. Then I thought of using some fancy pseudonyms like most people do in net. “No,” I told myself. “I’m trying to rediscover my school days’ hobby – by using pseudonym I’ll be little too casual with what I’m doing – and I’ve to be responsible for what I write, if at all I do – so why under cover of pseudonym.” Therefore, I gave up the idea of using pseudonym. Umm…Why I am writing this? Actually, I am fed up with ‘PROFILE TO BE UPDATED’ written below my name, for almost two long years, in Guest Authors page of AD. So updating my profile…

-Gyati Tallo
His work can be found under the label G. Tallo's Take.


He is an Engineer by profession and working as a Junior Engineer in Arunachal Pradesh Public Works Department and posted in Jairampur.

Apart from his profession as an Engineer, his passion is all about photography, nature and butterflies. Perhaps, he is the first man who brought Arunachal Pradesh in the Butterfly Map of world.

His work can be found here.

Website: Amazing Arunachal


  • Nani Riniyo

    Hey it was amazed to read details about you.Success is not counted by the trophy or medals,its all about the achievements in life.I can see that you are doing your best to utilise your creativity and thats nothing less than a big prize to you.

    We all are not born with a silver spoon,struggling and get going is what we call courage.Keep up utilising all your creativity and I wish you success and praying for all your dreams to come true in coming future,all the best!!!

    Last but not the least,you really writes very well about everything and I really do apprecieate your presentaion,its all worthreading.

  • angeleyes

    just caught up with it.The contents are good and wel-leveled.Lets hope this blog remains here for long!

  • AG

    Thx angeleyes. It would be my endeavor to keep alive this blog for as long as possible.

  • Buru

    Your lifestory is heartrending.
    That you missed even your fathers funeral for your studies is really sad.Reminds me of my own Apatani roommate whose family kept his fathers death a secret till he came home after his final exams--a full 3 months after the event!
    This academic spirit of Apatanis I salute, esp as many AP youths today are more interested in having a good time than study,inspite of their hardworking parents supplying them regularly with every bit of their meagre earnings.
    However being a teacher is a highly responsible position, and I am sure your students will be able to benefit from your extensive life experiences.
    *By the way, when you said "Ă‹scort" did you mean "Guide"? For whom? Just curious because usually only locals escort tourists etc around.

  • moli

    Chobin (Sir),
    Obviously you must be pretty much older than me so therefore, sir.
    Your writing is really attractive.
    Am sure you will do great in life.
    Things already seem to have taken a positive turns. Keep fighting.

  • chobin

    @ Buru,
    You are right. I should have written ‘Guide’ instead of ‘Escort’. I regret the error. And thanks for being a doubting Thomas ;), or else I might have believed that the ‘Escort’ was appropriate.

    Keep me enlighten.

    @ Moli,
    My heartfelt thank to you for your compliments.

    Stay cool, always.


    ROTO CHOBIN;I'm amazed of ur tales.u really deserve a big hand and resounding applause.A man is his own path maker,despite ur utter obstactles u came through...huh u r awesome,man i saluate u... and ur spirit.i had a copy of ziro mirror,it was nice magazine,even i tried to subscribe but it had stopped publishing since then.i came to know that the owner and the editor had left it for greener pasture...he had got a govt.job,i suppose.u should restart it in spirit of one arunachal and its people.

  • komo tapi

    Roto chobin,to make a magazine successful at entrepreneur level u need to do real hard work and whole lot of new friends,specially the one who is going for work and study outside of state.may be u start the magazine again i and others help u to reach out the arunachalees.

  • Bina

    dear Roto,this is the first time that am reading the blog of an arunachalee and you won't believe me am so impressed with you that i would like to meet you.
    well, that's not difficult coz am from arunachal too.Bina

  • AG

    Thx Bina for visiting. Do keep coming back :)

  • a thinker

    Dear AG,
    it has been wonderful reading arunahaldiary,have been following his blog for quiet sometime.You are doing a wonderful job and I really appreciate Mr Roto chobin for his hard work and good writing...keep up this spirit...:)

  • AG

    Thx Thinker. It's the word like yours-the word of appreciation, the word of criticism-that keeps us going. Do continue to follow the Arunachal Diary and put in your comments.

  • naanuu

    hi ya it's really wonderful reading such a lovely arunchalidairy..after reading ur dairy something happend in my heart.. very impressive
    Merry christmas n happy new year.
    prabharani rai UK

  • AG

    Hi Naanuu,

    Thanks for dropping by. Do keep visiting.

    Wish you too a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

  • Anonymous

    we, ASAA (Arunachal Student Association of Aizawl) had celebrated Arunachal day on 20th feb. 2009 with great pump and show in Aizawl,Mizoram. We had celebrated it with our diverse culture and tradition. student from different states had joined and appreciated our celebration. Through this we want to show that though we are far away from our home state still we have honour and love for our state.
    We feel proud to be the part of such a diverse and colourfull culture.

    G.S (ASAA)

  • AG

    Hi Dr. Nyajar Gusar,
    Thanks for visiting Arunachal Diary and glad to know that ASAA had observed the Statehood day with pomp and gaiety at Aizawl.

    Do keep visiting Arunachal Diary for latest updates on Arunachal.


  • Anonymous

    Hello, through your website, I want to locate my old college mate, Kago Salo. we passed out from Bengal engineering College. I understand Kago Salo is in Arunachal Pradesh working as an engineer. Please help me in finding him out.

  • AG


    Wish Arunachal Diary helps you in connecting you to your old college mate Kago Salo.

    Well, why not instead of being anonymous, you give out your real name so that Kago Salo knows who you are and tries to connect to you...may be through this site :)

  • Arif Siddiqui

    Er Kago Salu is presently posted in Jairampur. But can not refer that some one unknown is looking for him.

  • Anonymous

    AG sahab,
    your blog is so attractive that i feel to dump the veracity blog and join in your team..he he,,,

    raju mimi

  • AG

    You are always welcome Raju.

    Hope you would give it a serious thought and start contributing to Arunachal Diary.

    Am I asking much? ;)

  • buru


    while Veracity has good posts it has no follow-ups. If you dont respond to posters the blog is bound to wind-up soon.


    hey AG,

    i dont know what the AG stands for so i take it to be "Apatani guy" hope u dont mind,
    how about putting a pic of guest authors.

  • AG


    Quite liked your interpretation of AG :D and m not minding at all.

    Let's see if I am able to coax guest author's to submit their pics to be included in their profile :)

  • sun

    I, on behalf of the Executive Body of Students’ Union of NERIST (SUN) would like to bring to your kind notice the developmental works and progress made in my prestigious Institute, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Nirjuli over the past one year or so. The developments occurred in NERIST as a result of a combined and collective effort of our respected Director, Dr. Joram Begi, Ex General Secretary (SUN) Mr. T. A. Tara and other active members of SUN during that period. Let me draw you an insight into the various achievements which are worth mentioning. First and foremost achievement is the Silver jubilee Celebration of our Institute celebrating the 25 glorious years of providing skilled man power to the North East region in particular. The foundation stone for the Silver Jubilee Hall was laid on 4th March, 2009 by Gen (Retd.) J. J. Singh, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. Thirdly, a very important event happened in the history of NERIST, a moment which each and everyone of us dreamt to cherish. Finally it became a reality, that is the first of Convocation of NERIST on its Silver Jubilee year on 1st April, 2009. The convocation ceremony was attended by Her Excellency, The President of India, Dr. Pratibha Devisingh Patil. The construction works which were pending like the construction of main gate and bridge connecting to Block- H started and got completed within a few months time. Lastly, availability of Internet facility to all the hostels is also a remarkable achievement.

    Kamta Tawe
    (President, SUN)
    Kongo Gyadi (General Secretary, SUN)

  • buru

    Let me be a constructive spoilsport:

    1st ' achievement'-- Silver Jubilee celebrations, huh?

    2nd-- our confused General came calling?

    3rd--President attended?

    4th-- main gate & pathway constructed-- fine at last, this is an achievement indeed even if 25 years late.

    5th-- internet. Yeah this one is for real.

  • kaming tadar

    I was ignorant that there is a blog called Arunachal Dairy as I came through it, I am deeply touched by the story of chobin sir,from today onwards I will start following this blog and will tell my friends too,

  • AG

    Thanks @kaming's good to know that people still are out there who would like to follow Arunachal Diary...unfortunately AD has become dormant for a while (4 yrs to be precise) but with this kind of support from you people, it is hoped that AD will come out from it's dormancy..

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