Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is Arunachal heading towards free, just and unbiased press media?

In a state, where only two local dailies viz., The Arunachal Times and Echo of Arunachal are ruling the roost in providing news item to the people of the state via print media, incarnation of English Weekly -Arunachal Front to English Daily on 20th of August was a welcome change, for the other two had almost become a mouthpiece to some political party (read the ruling party).

Unlike its counterparts whose contents are wrapped in 6 pages, the inaugural issue of Arunachal Front carried well laid out contents in 12 pages and at same price. However, the subsequent issues carried only 8-pages. But, nevertheless, contents looked promising and better than those of the counterparts. The paper aspires to provide a base for homogenous public opinion on important issues for State’s development vis-à-vis nation building. So, should I presume quality reporting is in the offing and the state heading towards unbiased reporting?

With government committed to freedom of press (“The freedom of Press must be honoured and there should be no interference from any quarter”, Dorjee Khandu, CM of Arunachal) and the commitment of Arunachal Front to look after and creation of platform for public opinion, gearing up of governance through constant vigilance and the will to expose the diversified potential of the State, it is only hoped that the paper would do quality and impartial reporting devoid of any political influence and carry the state towards free, just and impartial press media. Or would it end up just being another mouthpiece of some political party?


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